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How to Create an Effective eDM

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), investing S$100 to advertise your products and services through email equates to S$5,600 in profits. Electronic Direct Mail, abbreviated as EDM, is considered a branch of email marketing known to be highly effective in the modern marketing landscape. A rise in delivery, open and click rates throughout […]

Can Technology and Sustainability come hand in hand?

To some of us, Singapore may seem like a concrete jungle with infrastructures all around us. To others, the term garden city might strike a chord. Whatever your outlook may be, there is no denying that Singapore has made strides when it comes to harnessing technology to drive sustainability. Take a look around Singapore’s urban […]

Will your Business benefit from having a Microsite?

Throughout the year, many businesses will initiate campaigns and events for a variety of purposes – 54% of event managers plan to host more events in 2019. It could be to promote their new product line, commemorate a widely celebrated holiday or to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility. In preparation for these special events, a […]

The Importance of Empathy in User Experience

Our current generation uses a spectrum of advanced technologies in a multitude of businesses. From a company’s mobile application to their computerised last mouth delivery system, there are a slew of digital touchpoints for a consumer to engage with. The interactions and the perceived experience of the user is what we refer to as “user […]

Gamification and its Purpose in a Business

Intimidated by the complexity of “gamification”? First things first, we can achieve better understanding on what gamification is by recognising that it comes from the word “game”. Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Pokémon Go are all famous examples of games that have achieved widespread popularity among people of all ages. This is due to the […]

5 ways Experiential Technologies can benefit your Brand

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, introduced the idea of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” in his book of the same name in 2016. The term sounds about right as this era is characterised by accelerated technological advancements, each one more groundbreaking than the last, that have the potential to […]

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