As digital games infiltrate the market and surge into popularity, more businesses are adopting gamification as a powerful tool to captivate the customers’ attention in their marketing endeavours.

Entertaining, dynamic and social-media friendly, games can be a great way to:

  • Increase engagements in promotions
  • Improve individual learning and encourage personal development
  • Capture user-generated content from the players
  • Help companies understand consumer behaviour to develop better products

By injecting an engaging element in any activity, people are more likely to pay attention. Gamification also allows players the opportunity to overcome challenges and receive instant gratification (rewards) throughout/at the end of the gameplay.

Why choose trinax to develop your games?

We are experts on every facet of game creation.

Trinax customises branded and marketing games for platforms, such as websites and social media. Our games can be played on computers, smartphones and brick-and-mortar environments. Through a refined design process, these games will bring hours of laughter and joy to any individual.

We stand apart from the rest because:
  • Our games are designed to achieve your marketing objectives, such as product education, utilisation of loyalty points, collection of data and synergising with external marketing campaigns.
  • Our team is well-equipped to create customised and branded gaming experiences based on your branding and product needs.
  • We specialise in games built on an omni-channel framework, enabling not just the games to be played on multiple platforms but also extending communications beyond where the game is played on.
  • In addition, our games are compatible with multiple platforms such as arcade machines, redemption machines, microsites and Facebook.

TRINAX Featured games

Cupcake Slash

Slice and dice your way to victory

Savings Carnival

Saving money can be fun too

Wow Wow West

Horse-riding like never before

Trouble Bubble

Protect the reef creatures with bubble popping action!

SGX Bull Charge

Charity with Futsal

Watch out

Dodge your way to victory!

Mr Postman

Help him save the environment one letter at a time

Reach for Joy

Endless hours of untold fun

Manulife Motion game

Survive the obstacle course by running, crouching, jumping, and dodging left and right!

Messy Octty

The messiest octopus in need of some serious organising skills

What’s that Dish

Question your culinary skills for the last time

Flying Oink

Ever heard of a pig that flies? Oink is one such adventurous pig that loves a...

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