Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Activation


Launched in 2023

This Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023, visit Wisma Atria and discover the magic of celebrating with the Coca-Cola® Rabbit family.

What is the Experience?

The beautiful sculptures of the Chinese New Year elements will capture the attention of pedestrians and shoppers and lead them to discover the Rabbit Hop Experience.

Stepping on the dance pad will activate the game. The instructions screen provides players with how-to-play and the conditions to clear the game. Players follow the rabbit on-screen to hop on (and around) the correct dance pad to score points.

Each round is limited to 30 seconds, and the players who get five or more points will win a $3 Ang Pow voucher! The experience also supports multiplayer where you can play together with family and friends!

The experience continues on the Tree Of Wishes! Pedestrians scan the QR code to access a WebAR app to create their customised CNY greeting card! Upon completion, they will receive a QR code to redeem a free can of Coke Zero (keep hydrated and stay healthy!) from the vending machine nearby.

What is the Objective?

The brand activation campaign aimed to promote Coca-Cola beverages during the celebration of CNY 2023. The interactive experience provides a fun way for families and friends to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

How Does It Work?

The interactive dancing game needed the players to follow the rabbit on-screen and step on the correct pad. Trinax fabricated five physical dance pads and installed them according to the same formation on-screen. Aside from the on-screen rabbit, the corresponding pads will also light up to guide the players.

To protect the outdoor installations from damage:

  1. Protective films are installed for the displays to prevent weather damage. The protruding decoration creates shades and provides better viewability during daylight.
  2. Each dance pad has a drain system to protect the components from rain. We use foam insulation tape as impact-absorbing material to maximise the life cycles.

The smart vending machine is equipped with a QR code reader for the users to scan the QR code from the Tree of Wishes and redeem their free Coke Zero.

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