Trinax’s PropTech encompasses a suite of technological solutions specially curated for the Real Estate Industry. The vision is to change the way consumers see, interact and experience the Real Estate, Property and Homes industry. 

The technologies enable you with tools that will improve engagement for the tech-savvy and affluent generation, deliver smarter immersive customer experience, accelerate selling process and improve important marketing ROI.

Mobile Home Touring

Engage your audiences beyond the physical boundaries with a dedicated website. Access personalised information, 3D master plans, panoramic views and more through a custom built mobile website. User statistics and information can then be tracked and translated to aid the selling process.

Augmented Reality (AR) with Architecture Modelling

Make use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to drive engagement for upcoming launches.

By using an AR mobile app alongside a scale-downed replica of the residences, it allows visitors to augment details about specific points of the architecture straight to their smartphones. 


A dedicated system that allows the monitoring and tracking of users’ interactions online. With this set of data, it is then easier to customise your approach towards potential clients. 

iPad home touring app

Take engagement offline with an extensive Home Touring application. Showcase essential information about your Real Estate launches through a dedicated application that allows immersive access to 3D Floor Plans, animated walkthroughs and more.

Experts in the real estate industry

With many years of experience, Hengkai leads the team with his in-dept knowledge and understanding of the Real Estate industry. The combination of technical skills and industry knowledge allows the team to open up unprecedented doors for the competitive Real Estate industry.

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