Creative & Content Development

Creating customised games, applications and multimedia platforms requires an excellent team of animators, software engineers and user experience design experts. An experienced team understands users’ problems and knows what captures and retains their attention and enhances their experience.

From conceptualising, designing, programming to testing, our creative content development service spans the entire process needed to create and launch branded games and applications. Our team of in-house experts have the skills and design capabilities to create unique experiences for your users.

By adapting the Design Thinking Process (a design approach used by brands renowned for their exceptional designs such as Apple, Google and Samsung), we provide a solution-based approach to tackling complex problems, uncovering the human needs involved and re-framing the problems in human-centric ways. This is done through brainstorming and focus group sessions with your team to define specific problems.

Most crucially, we seek an empathic understanding of the problems by setting aside our assumptions and gaining insights into users and their needs. This is a design culture that has been carefully cultivated within the Trinax team.


Our designers and engineers, who specialised in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), develop content that is based on the core UI and UX design principles of intuitive usability, optimal accessibility of features and aesthetics.

Each screen or page is meticulously designed, incorporating not just the UI but also the overall aesthetics, including appealing animation and captivating copywriting to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Over the years, we have developed branded games for online and brick-and-mortar platforms as well as marketing applications such as loyalty and reward systems, smart recommendation systems, social walls, writing walls, rating systems and polling systems.

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Reach out to your target audience with the latest web-based technologies that are perfect for engagement on mobile phones and social media platforms.

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Start creating virtual events with video conferencing features, chatrooms and many other interactive online activities to meet your business objectives.

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