Research and Development Services

Do you have a bold idea, but need a technology partner to realise it? If you are looking for a team to research and develop a brand new experience to future-proof your company’s performance, we are ready for you.


At Trinax, we thrive on challenges that are deemed “impossible” by others. We welcome future-ready companies who share our love for disruptive, next-generation products to work with us on your R&D projects. With our top-of-the-line facilities, equipment, talents, processes and other resources, we can realise your idea and help bring it to market.

With us, you’ll get more than just software development. We have developed a streamlined R&D process that includes:

  • Workshop – Creating focused dialogues for an in-depth understanding of your needs
  • Ideation – Architecting conceptual designs in sketches and schematics
  • Prototyping – Fast prototyping of products with defined deliverables
  • Refining – Polishing up on details and making minor changes
  • Testing – Alpha-testing through focused groups who are trained in trying out and evaluating the products
  • Iterating – Iterating the process and delivering the final version of the products



Coupled with a global perspective, we are confident that our R&D services will empower your organisation to be future-driven and elevate its performance to the next level.

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