Can Technology and Sustainability come hand in hand?

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To some of us, Singapore may seem like a concrete jungle with infrastructures all around us. To others, the term garden city might strike a chord. Whatever your outlook may be, there is no denying that Singapore has made strides when it comes to harnessing technology to drive sustainability. Take a look around Singapore’s urban landscape and you might notice several tricks up her sleeve.

Beautiful Inside-out

Marina Bay Sands as we know it, is renowned for its one-of-a-kind exterior. However, the true beauty of it lies in what goes on behind the scenes for it to run sustainably. For instance, food waste is compressed by giant digesters and turned into recycled water on a daily basis. An advanced computerised control system automatically dims or brightens the lights depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Even the carpark is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors that reduce the speed of fans when lesser vehicles are detected. These are just a few of the many green features that the iconic landmark boasts.

(Marina Bay Sands food waste digesters, source: TodayOnline)

Feeding off Technology

Feeding a densely populated nation is no easy feat, and a country with little natural resources has to rely on exports to keep bellies full. Thanks to scientific and technological advancements however, Singapore is slowly but surely turning the tables. Local farms are tapping into LED lights, air-conditioning ducts and automated irrigation systems to grow temperate produce such as kale, cherry tomatoes and strawberries. By being able to control factors in crop growth such as humidity, temperature and nutrients in water, farms are able to cut the growth time of crops by 50%!

(Irrigation Systems, source: Sustenir LinkedIn)

The Road to Sustainability

In land-scarce Singapore, effective and efficient transportation systems are essential. Did you know that Singapore was the first city in the world to introduce the electronic road pricing (ERP) system to deal with traffic congestion? While many drivers loathe it, it has yielded results by decreasing the number of vehicles on roads during peak hours. In line with promoting sustainability through technology, not only will Singapore be implementing a satellite-based road pricing system by 2020 it also holds the title as the venue of the world’s first self-driving taxi trial. This was launched in 2016 as part of Governmental efforts to promote autonomous vehicles along with other campaigns such as Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing.

(Autonomous vehicles, source: University of Texas at Austin)

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