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Cookies and other third-party addons

A. Cookies

As with most websites on the publicly accessible internet, Trinax’s website utilizes ‘cookies’ – a small file stored on a user’s computer designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to an incoming user and the website assessed.
Examples of type of cookies commonly used by a majority of the websites on the internet are:

  • Performance Analytics cookies – cookies that allow websites to recognise and track the number of users as well as their browsing trends
  • Targeting cookies – cookies that analyse users’ past browsing records so more relevant ads can be recommended or to share these with other organisations so they can do the same
  • Google Analytics cookies – to identify and analyse the website trends without identifying a user individually

* Generally, most cookies are ‘session’ based, meaning, they will usually end when you close your website browser.

By accessing the content on our website, you agree that Trinax may use cookies. However, we recognize that some users may not want to receive any cookies at all on their computers. If that is the case, you may visit the options menu for your browser to refuse the use of some or all of cookies. Note that if you block all cookies, you may be unable to benefit from the experience of accessing our website with all its contents properly functioning.

Trinax’s cookie policy only applies to cookies used on our website. Trinax has no control over cookies uses by other organisations e.g. advertising networks that may also use cookies to track you across different websites that you browse.

B. Third-party addons and other information

In addition to the use of cookies, Trinax also utilizes Macromedia Flash (a widely used third party addon by Adobe) on our website to display dynamic content to enhance your experience. In order for the addon to display content correctly, Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs), commonly referred to as Flash cookies, may be stored by your browser.

These Flash cookies are local storage files that contain data regarding your preference and retrieve them whenever you access a page containing flash content. If you do not wish to have LSOs stored on your computer, you can adjust the settings of your Flash Player. More information on how to do so may be found at:

Do be reminded that restricting or limiting LSOs on your computer may reduce or interfere with the functionality of Flash content which are dependent on LSOs to display properly (including Flash content found on Trinax’s website).

This website uses cookies! By continuing to browse the website, you agree to our use of cookies.
Please visit our cookies policy for more information on how we use cookies and how you can adjust your preferences.


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