Innovation is our compass; Together with our clients, we believe in charting paths that redefine the tech landscape, ensuring our consultancy services are at the forefront of transformation.

Albin Yeo, CTO of Trinax


Trinax's technology consultancy ethos centers on innovative leadership. We aim to guide clients through a unique Trinax experience, prioritizing quality processes, collaboration, thorough research, and excellent customer relationship management. Our commitment goes beyond consultancy; it's a journey tailored to deliver excellence at every step.

Building on our distinguished tradition, we specialize in creating interactive, creative, and innovative technology solutions. By pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge approaches, we ensure our solutions are not just solutions – they're transformative experiences.


Trinax turns dreams into reality, a vision fulfilled by multi-disciplinary engineers and the Trinax pillars - Experiential, Innovation and Acceleration. When interconnected, these pillars enable Trinax to provide innovative solutions that merge creativity with technology.


We believe in the power of interactive experiences to connect, captivate and inspire. 

We blend creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft meaningful, unforgettable experiences that leave a profound impact.


Innovation is the heartbeat of Trinax.

We thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing emerging technologies, and pioneer solutions that transform ideas into reality.


At Trinax, we streamline processes, and optimise resources.

We empower clients with innovative solutions delivered promptly, ensuring they stay ahead in a fast-paced world.


HPB Rewards Management System

Over 80% of our projects involve a meticulous synthesis of requirements and specialised consultations with clients, which we have dedicated teams for.


Find out more about our in depth offerings from end to end: This is how we work closely with our trusted clients in launching world renowned solutions and applications that we are so proud of.

  • Conduct comprehensive analysis to understand client requirements and challenges.
  • Develop a customized technology strategy aligned with business objectives.

  • Create detailed plans and specifications for the proposed technology solutions.
  • These documentations include Functional Design Specifications, User Journey, Wireframe, UI Design, Database Design, Dataflow Diagram and many more technical and design documentations to ensure accountability and accuracy.

  • Execute the development, integration, and deployment of the agreed-upon solutions.
  • We have recently revamped our workspace in 2024 to facilitate the highest quality of work and collaboration.


  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure the functionality, security, and performance of the implemented technology.
  • Provide training programs to empower users and facilitate a smooth transition to new technologies.
  • Implement monitoring systems and offer ongoing support to maintain and optimize the technology solutions.
  • We are a team of certified personnel with AWS and Google Cloud. Our DevOps are equipped with cutting edge monitoring systems to ensure the smooth operations of our digital infrastructures.

  • Regularly assess and enhance technology solutions to align with evolving business needs and industry trends.
  • We conduct Usability Tests and Market Surveys to uncover the receptiveness and feedback of the solution we have launched, and uncover new roadmaps to improve.

  • Implement robust security measures and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  • We ensure that all VAPT and code reviews are conducted by globally recognized and certified professionals.

At Trinax, reliability is the foundation; creativity is the innovation that transforms.

Joel Goh, CEO of Trinax

Interactive Webar Experiences

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