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Great Eastern

Launched in 2020

A fully integrated 360 centre that offers the public insights into Great Eastern’s rich history, culture and the endless social impact and possibilities, through a slew of interactive and immersive experiences.

What is the Experience?

Visitors who enter Great Eastern’s recruitment centre, named VOLTAGE, will first be greeted by Gerica, a 3D animated character that detects people approaching. She will guide entrants around the centre using audio cues and visual animation.

VOLTAGE houses life-size LED screens and digital engagement activities to convey a technological advanced sensation throughout the entire exhibition. An array of interactions can be undertaken, such as:

Sliding LED screens to browse through a 3D city with animated details on Great Eastern’s policies. Organic stories of citizens who have benefited from Great Eastern’s products and services, facilitated through interactive touchscreens and complemented with 3D animation. Simulated scenarios with clients through large screens and tablet integration. Users will understand how a typical conversation progresses by using a tablet to input their responses to the client. The client’s reply will then be shown on a large screen afterwards.

Life-size video walls that display pre-recorded videos of Great Eastern’s top financial advisors. An RFID detection table with objects that, when lifted, showcases crucial information about financial and social benefits for new advisors.

Additionally, the entire experience is encompassed with the touchpoint known as the Circle of Discovery. A towering projection spanning great lengths to envelope the viewer in a 360-degree immersive installation about Great Eastern’s vast history.

With the culmination of these various activities, visitors who enter the recruitment centre will be greeted with architecture and installations that reflect Great Eastern’s transformation into a technologically modern business.

What is the Objective?

To provide prospective agents a specially curated journey, full of digitalised experiences that convey assimilation with technology. VOLTAGE positions Great Eastern as a frontrunner of technology in the eyes of consumers and among its competitors.

How Does It Work?

Housed in the massive centre were 8 different interactive touchpoints:

A fully custom-made LED logo that displays seamless animated content, intriguing individuals on the go and drawing curious glances.

A specially customised P3 full-colour LED fabricated in the official Great Eastern’s corporate font. This interactive larger-than-life logo is able to display different content specially designed for the LED; controlled by Trinax’s very own cloud-based content management system, MIND™.

The Great Motivational Wall
An eight-metre-long curved LED display greets users when they walk through the entrance. Gerica, a carefully 3D modelled mascot, stars in this huge LED display, greeting individuals according to the time of the day and guiding them forward to the next interactive touch point.

Featuring a P2.5 full colour 8m curved LED equipped with 3D depth camera to detect incoming and outgoing traffic to power an AI-enabled digital concierge, Gerica. The team at Trinax designed and developed Gerica from scratch, in 3D and with programmable voiceover.

Circle of Discovery
Weighing more than a ton, Circle of Discovery is Singapore’s largest 360-degree LED display. From afar, individuals get a glimpse of the immersive display due to the deliberate 25-degree slant. Once inside, individuals learn more about the history of Great Eastern, through original and insightfully curated content.

As of 2020, it is Singapore’s largest 360-degree P2.5 LED display, at 10am in diameter. Trinax required immense engineering efforts to have the structure and LED integrated. This LED display is further equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enable staff to switch between looping brand content and presentation. During presentation, content can be displayed in different layouts to serve the different event setups.

A City of Opportunities
An interactive Rotoscope display that engages users through specially curated content. Sliding panels activates specific content that showcase the boundless opportunities ahead.

Trinax also designed a backdrop that represents the vibrancy and dynamism of Singapore as a city. Each of the story is specially curated by Trinax to communicate the boundless opportunities that the market has to offer and intelligently linked to Great Eastern products that the operational staff can update remotely via Trinax’s cloud-based management system, MIND™.

My Great Journey
Through two interactive 43-inch touchscreens, individuals learn more about customers’ different stages of their life journey. All of the content was realistically 3D-rendered and curated to flow with the entire experience.

Chat with our Star Advisors
Motion sensors pick up movements around four huge 75-inch touchscreens, activating conversations through surreal live films. These advisors realistically interact with individuals, as though they were physically there. Here, individuals learn more about what it takes to be a Star Advisor.

Extensive choreographing and video productions were done and integrated intelligently with Trinax’s software systems and sensors. This installation is also equipped with a customised dome speakers to enable users to have an immersive experience with the Star Advisor.

Be an Advisor for a day
Upon one’s chat with the Star Advisors, individuals get to experience being an advisor for a day. Through an iPad, individuals simulate the journey ahead, through a system that is integrated into Great Eastern’s application.

A unique installation that combines both touchscreens with an iPad. The iPad runs the Great Eastern’s new tool for the advisors, the GreatAdvice.

The Great Rewards
A fully customised RFID Table that features objects like a Bonsai Tree, Yacht, Gold Bar and a Smiling Emoji. Here, individuals pick up different objects and place them on the table, activating configurations of possible rewards. The four objects contain different RFID chips, allowing specific interactions on the table.

This interactive table allows different demographics of users to simulate potential income and purpose in a life of an insurance agent.

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