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What is a truly Hybrid Event to you?

Beyond a Virtual Event platform, Trinax offers our customers an end-to-end set of solutions and services to power the future of events. These events are built on an omni-channel framework to enable interactive engagements between an even greater group of audience with no boundaries to time and location.

A 360-degree virtual MICE experience

BASF Footwear Innovation Centre Virtual Launch

Explore a newly built physical space in this 360-degree experiential virtual event that places online visitors from around the globe into the heart of the venue.

A 360-degree view of the actual showroom, live conferences hosted by key figures in the industry, video walkthroughs on products and services as well as gamified touchpoints that aims to give visitors the full MICE experience from the comfort of their homes.
Panoramic 3D Virtual Tour

Interactive Gamification

3D Layout Overview

Living Streaming with Chat Function
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an omni-channel VIRTUAL EVENT

NCS Virtual Career Fest

A fully customised Virtual Event equipped with live broadcasts, 360 virtual lobby, live chat, gamification and more!

To raise awareness of the career opportunities available at NCS and to encourage users to apply for suitable career positions through this virtual platform.

an interactive 3D VIRTUAL carnival

Assisi Hospice Fun Day 2020 Virtual Summit

A virtual carnival that gathered like-minded people for a good cause.

This carnival contains a wide suite of interactive activities such as games, online content and an e-commerce store. By creating an interactive 3D rendition of a visionary carnival, visitors were able to fly through this 3D carnival and explore the different segments of this virtual event platform.
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Virtual Event Features

Create a successful, accountable and measurable Virtual Event!

Uninterrupted & Seamless Streaming Experience
Our proprietary virtual event studio and platform supports and ensures exceptional streaming experience for users all around the world.
Integrated Video Conferencing Platforms
Integrate live streams from platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet to showcase a truly virtual or hybrid event.
Live Stream
Make sure of Trinax’s very own Virtual Event Studio complete with cameras and sensors for interactive live and pre-recorded streaming.
Public, Group or Private Chat Functions
This essential function can be customised to support open networking, breakout rooms or 1-to-1 conversations.
Technical Checker
This important technical checker runs a test on all user’s device to ensure that their devices are able to support the virtual event.
Technical Support
Our technical support team offers real-time support to ensure all your events are running optimally.
Be it with pre-event registration platforms or built-in registration features within the Virtual Event, this serves as a foundation to track and measure your event.
E-Commerce Platform
Convert event traffic into important sales with e-commerce platforms like customised bazaars and carnivals.
& Quizzes
Leverage on Trinax’s wide range of interactive and multi-player digital games to engage with your target audiences.
Feedback & Survey
Allow the visitors to provide feedback and offer ratings to the event so that the organiser can evaluate and improve for the next one.
Live Polling
or Voting
This feature is a classic feature in gathering the visitors’ specific opinion on particular topic(s), and can be done in real-time.

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Supporting Video Call Platforms

extensive chat functions

Voice, Messaging & Video Chat

Empower your users to hop on a call or video chat. Simply click the call button for a secure and reliable connection that ensures uninterrupted conversations


Our 360 Virtual Event Studio

Our one-of-a-kind studio offers our partners and customers the most comprehensive suite of facilities and resources to power a hybrid event professionally.

Our studio includes:

Virtual Events

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