Virtual Summit


Launched in 2020

A Virtual Event that’s fully customised with Live broadcasts, Virtual Lobbies, Smart RSVP Systems and more!

What is the Experience?

With the changing work environment in 2020, companies need to quickly adapt themselves to meet their business needs – especially in the areas of physical events. A Virtual Event is one prime alternative, facilitating an online experience that brings physical events to the user. 

To introduce their new computing product, AMD in partnership with Trinax crafted this Virtual Event that started with a Smart RSVP System. eDMs sent to the target audience would include a registration link that interlinked with the Smart RSVP System to automatically segment visitors during the event. 

An animated overview of the Virtual Summit can be seen through the Virtual Lobby, with links to the many Virtual Booths and multimedia content AMD has to offer. The Live Chat function with emoji support gave visitors an avenue to express their opinions with a fun twist.

The Virtual Summit ended on a high note, with an award ceremony celebrating the organisation’s best performers and partners as everyone watched the live broadcast and enjoyed each other’s company through the live chat. 

What is the Objective?

To create an all-inclusive Virtual Event that simulates the experience of a real-life product launch.

How Does It Work?

The pre-event starts with an expertly curated eDM that gives a sneak peak of what the Virtual Summit has in store. Users would register via the embedded link, seamlessly integrated with our Smart RSVP system to allocate users into groups on the event day itself. 

3D Virtual Booths housed details about AMD and its products, filled with multimedia content like pre-recorded videos that were filled 2 months in advance to ensure the highest quality and no errors in the videos. Trinax worked with AMD to create this content, including the use of a green screen studio and expert film direction. 

A fully animated virtual lobby acts as an actual lobby, linking users to the various aspects of the virtual event. To achieve greater interaction between visitors and AMD, a live chat feature was present in the virtual booths and award ceremony with emoji functionality. 

Finally, post-event statistics were generated for AMD’s assessment, containing overall viewership numbers and specific details like the popularity of each virtual booth among the users. This information helps AMD understand their audience better and gain insight on the success of each product, done through this comprehensive and customised virtual platform.

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