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The leaders of interactive Experiences

Trinax is the leading creative technology agency in Singapore. We specialise in designing and developing interactive digital brand experiences built on an omni-channel framework that enable brands to conduct impactful and experiential offline-to-online (O2O) engagements with end consumers.

Experiential accelerated

Trinax represents the power and future of interactive experiences where we transform the audience into explorers, paving the way for new adventures. Combining our passion for innovation and desire for excellence, our mission is to revolutionise experiences in impactful ways and empower your brand to embark on an exciting journey into the future era of experiences.

As the market undergoes consolidation, Trinax’s international presence, reputable client portfolio and its long-term corporate vision make us one of the world’s most unique creators of interactive digital 360 experiences. We intend to continually achieve breakthroughs and create world class experiences for our clientele.

what we are made of

Our website embodies and conveys Trinax’s 3 core capabilities, namely Services, Software and Hardware, which showcase our array of specialisations. We turn dreams into reality, a vision fulfilled by an award-winning and dynamic team, and the Trinax’s 3 pillars — Experiential, Innovation and Acceleration. When interconnected, these pillars enable Trinax to create innovative and immersive experiences that merge creativity with technology.


Refined digital experiences require an extensive range of products to shape the desired result. Trinax caters...


Modern-day consumers are acclimated to the digital space through computers, smartphones, or any surface that portrays...


Leading the forefront of interactive technology, our exploration and mastery of the available hardware consist of...

Our vision

A global, next-generation experiential agency with interactive and innovative communication technologies at its core. 

We strive to build Trinax into a global, next-generation experiential agency that serves the world’s largest and most established companies in the marketing, retail, museum and gallery sectors by conceptualising and developing world class experiences. 

We do so by taking risks: Challenge conventional wisdom, propose bold new initiatives and deliver unique ideas and ways of presenting information or solutions that are unexpected and memorable.

We are fully committed to constantly invent impactful and captivating experiences and innovations.

We believe that we need to constantly invent and refine meaningful and purposeful engagement which leverage on digital technologies and experiential propretary products that can bridge the physical and digital touch-point experience.

Our mission

To challenge the status quo of how humans interact with technology and create experiences that have high impact, value and reliability for our customers globally.

We do so by taking risks: Challenge conventional wisdom, propose bold new initiatives and deliver unique ideas and ways of presenting information or solutions that are unexpected and memorable.

Our goal is to cultivate a diverse global team of specialists who thrive in an environment rooted in Design Thinking principles, empowering us to serve our clients with zest, creativity and profound know-how. 


Ultimately, it’s the satisfaction of our customers that fuels our passion to consistently deliver the best experiences.

Joel, CEO of Trinax

our values


We act responsibly by delivering high quality work which leads to lasting partnership with stakeholders


We are not afraid of challenges as our team is filled with passion and vigour


We are highly adaptive to changes by embracing global and resolute mindset to think different


We are committed to providing a safe space for open and honest communication which encourages strong alliance with stakeholders

Our achievements

While we take pride in the recognition and accolades garnered over the years, we do not rest on our laurels.

We strive to continuously offer the best-of-breed technologies and create cutting-edge innovations while working closely with our valued clients.

They trust us






Winning takes talent;

winning again takes character.

John Wooden

Company history

The journey for Trinax and its team has been both challenging and rewarding. Through unwavering determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we have brought our visions to fruition, achieving our goals and surpassing expectations along the way. We are fully committed to build a better Trinax every day. 

Founders worked together on casual R&D projects on smart home technologies during National Service and University days

Trinax was incorporated aiming to specialise in R&D on interactive technology; more commonly known today as Internet of Things (IoT).

Obtained Start-up Grant with EnterpriseSG with its patented smart interactive mirror display.

Won first-runner up China-Singapore Start-up Competition in Beijing and explored business opportunities in China but found the prospect extremely challenging.

2013 and 2014
Having learnt from our experience in China, Trinax launched interactive media networks in Singapore and Malaysia. Unfortunately, the idea was ahead of its time and the market was not receptive to it.

Repositioned Trinax as a technology agency that specialises in designing and developing interactive digital experiences.

Achieved several technological breakthroughs and most notably OUE Beauty Bar, Singapore F1 Interactive Projection Mapping Wall, DBS Marina Regatta Interactive Projection Dome and CapitaLand’s outdoor Cycling Gym.

Consolidated our warehouse and office into a single 5,500 sqft 2-level unit that is able to house up to 40 team members for the next 3 years. This milestone offers us the infrastructure required to grow towards our vision.

Due to the COVID outbreak and varying restrictions globally, Trinax has commissioned her proprietary Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform, including a full-fledged Green Screen Studio, that offers customers an end-to-end set of solutions and services to power interactive Virtual & Hybrid Events.

Trinax was awarded the Data Protection Trustmark Certification (DPTM) by IMDA, and was one of the first in the industry to have received the certification. In the same year, Trinax also received several awards from MARKies & Marketing Events Awards, in recognition for projects like NCSS e-Escape Room and Prudential PLAYday.

Trinax was awarded ISO27001, which signifies our high commitment to information security. In the same year, Trinax has also won several awards at Marketing Events Awards in recognition of DBS MoolahTycoon, an online multiplayer game.

Trinax has revitalised its workspace in Singapore to foster creativity and collaboration and completed our rebranding exercise. Concurrently, the company has made significant investments in future-proofing our creative department, further deepening expertise, and broadening our range of creative capabilities.

The fabric of interactive experience

Building an interactive experience requires a multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers who dare to dream big. At the very core of Trinax is a group of like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds and domains with a shared vision of creating exceptional interactive experiences that are impactful and captivating.

The perfect integration of technology and imagination sparked some of the world’s greatest innovations. In Trinax, we believe in combining the key traits of successful engineers and creatives. This means that our technical foundation is associated with limitless imagination which fuels our passion for breaking boundaries and reimagining reality.

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Our software and platforms are highly inclusive and can be seamlessly integrated with external systems such as CRM and ERP systems. This transforms the entire experience into an omni-channelled and interconnected user journey.


Interactive Mediums

Beyond touchscreens, we use a broad spectrum of interactive mediums to engage users. These include gesture controls, eyeball tracking, and many others.


Internet of Things (loT)

IoT is a sub-network of connected devices and components. Common IoT devices that we employ include facial recognition, user profiling, traffic and video analytics, robotics and virtual assistants powered by AI.



Gamifying an experience empowers the consumer with the impetus to commit oneself to do more to achieve a target. This commitment helps to drive business objectives such as retention.



Captivating the users’ attention involves more than just visual and audio. Multiple senses, including touch and smell, are stimulated at different stages of the journey, making the experience a truly immersive and interactive one.


Instant Gratification

The “feel-good” effect amplifies when users receive an instant reward, which comes in both digital or physical form.

Interactive Webar Experiences

Looking for WebAR activations by scanning an image and not another QR code via your mobile web browser? Want to create Instagram-like experiences such as gamification with facial movement recognition on web?

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We produce award-winning


We are excited to offer you our trusted platform that consists of a wide spectrum of design options, plugins and add-ons. If you’re based in Singapore, we power the entire Virtual Event from end to end at our 360 Virtual Event Studio right here with our dedicated team.
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