Trinax inspires change with technology at MARKies Awards 2021

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The Marketing Interactive (MARKies) Awards celebrates the most innovative, effective and creative campaigns or projects in Singapore’s market services industry. From content marketing to the use of social media and influencers, the MARKies celebrates agencies who have produced outstanding work in a wide range of categories. Given the new normal we are living in, the Awards have included a new category to recognise the agency that has developed the ‘most creative response’ to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a platform to showcase the exceptional projects of various agencies, the MARKies Awards was definitely a much anticipated event. 

Shortlisted as Finalists 

(Source: Marketing Interactive)

This year, Trinax is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as finalists in the following three categories: 

Category  Project 
Most Effective Use – Government Sector / Non-Profit Marketing National Council of Social Service e-Escape Room 
Most Effective Use – Events (Physical / Virtual) Prudential PLAYday Virtual Annual Party
Most Creative – Campaign Pivot Assisi Fun Day 2020

Winners at MARKies 2021 

(NCSS e-Escape Room, developed by Trinax) 

Trinax is very honoured to have won Bronze for the Most Effective Use – Government Sector / Non-Profit Marketing for the National Council of Social Service e-Escape Room! 

Inspiring Change through Technology 

(NCSS e-Escape Room, developed by Trinax) 

Behind the creation of this project between Trinax and NCSS, a lot of thought and research were poured into this collaboration. In light of the increasing prevalence of mental health conditions among Singaporeans today, NCSS wanted to explore novel ways to educate the public about this. However, given the stigma many people suffering from mental health conditions face, it was important for this campaign to encourage the public to first understand the struggles and challenges they face. Therefore, one of the key aims of this project was to develop empathy among the public by empowering them to see the world from the perspective of someone living with a mental health condition. 

To help the public understand how it feels to be living with a mental health condition, many strategies were purposefully designed to simulate the experience to be as close to reality as possible. This led to the creation of a virtual escape room to simulate the feelings of being trapped, which is something people living with mental health conditions face regularly. By incorporating gamification elements with a purpose, users could experience life from the unique lens of a person living with a mental health condition. 

The use of storytelling from the perspective of different characters suffering from different mental health conditions made the virtual escape room experience an engaging one. Through the eyes of Afiqah, William and Jonathan, users gained insight into the struggles they face as they battle with conditions such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and schizophrenia. 

With an immersive 360-degree 3D platform, users could navigate their way through the virtual room to find clues and hints to solve interactive puzzles. For instance, thoughtfully designed puzzles such as intricate arrangement tasks for William who was suffering from OCD helped users understand how it feels to experience this condition. Furthermore, the use of voice-overs verbalising the thoughts of the characters helped users to understand what people experiencing mental health conditions were thinking. At the end of the experience, users participated in an interactive quiz to learn how they could support others who had similar mental health conditions. 

Moving Forward 

Trinax would like to thank all our partners for their unwavering support over the past year and our employees for their hard work poured into our projects. Even in unprecedented times, we strive to meet the needs of your organisation through an interactive digital experience developed with an omni-channel framework.

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