Virtual party


Launched in 2020

A virtual edition of Prudential’s yearly annual get-together. This one-of-a-kind experience brings employees together in a friendly yet competitive 3-day journey to bond and earn points through interactive games and activities.

What is the Experience?

With more than 600 staff locally in Singapore and with a split-team and work-from-home system in place, Prudential sought to gather everyone together to bond, have fun and receive the appreciation of their hard work in 2020.

The experience featured a one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art virtual platform that is able to offer a specially curated suite of online activities with strong emphasis on gamification to drive team building and continuous participation for 3 full days.

What is the Objective?

The organising committee objective is to create stronger bonds amongst the staff from this entirely online experience. As such, Prudential PLAYday had to be creatively and carefully curated so that diverse teams of staff members will collectively enjoy the event.

How Does It Work?

With more than 90 teams competing with each other, there were a series of leaderboards accompanied by a long list of mouth-watering prizes to transcend this to an epic virtual event!

PLAYday 2020 was powered by the Trinax virtual event platform and our 360 VE Studio. Prudential cleverly leveraged on our wide spectrum of applications and expertise to tailor-make a unique experience just for their staffs. This one-of-a-kind experience contained the following features:

Livestream from our In-house Green Screen Studio
Featuring local artists such as talented magician, Shawn Chua, and well-known live band, 53A, performing directly from our 360 VE Studio. Our team of broadcast operators and show planners ran the shows continuously throughout all 3 days, powered by our reliable streaming servers.

Live e-Commerce 
A platform that enables staff to sell their own products online, as though they are doing it on Facebook Live, but in a private environment. It contains features for the audience to enter their orders and a backend portal for the seller to manage.

A series of online activities for staff to participate in such as an e-Escape Room and treasure hunt!

Multiplayer Gamification
This is the most exciting and groundbreaking part of the entire experience where teams participated in a multiplayer racing game fully designed and developed by Trinax’s in-house game development team. The last day of the event also featured a live race between the top 10 teams.

The most beautiful highlight of this event was to design and build it with Gamification as the cornerstone. It has made this virtual event spectacularly exciting, meaningful and effective.

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