DBS Giving Tree 2022

DBS Bank Ltd

Launched in 2022

Boost environmental awareness and experience how small efforts could create a big impact for our earth. Start by reducing food waste and giving back to the environment.

What is the Experience?

DBS Giving Tree is a part of DBS commitments for environmental sustainability. In 2022, a microsite game was designed for DBS employees to have fun and learn more on the concept of sustainability such as renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints. Employees will learn the facts regarding our environment on the daily tasks of growing their virtual tree. By the end of the campaign, they can pledge in supporting the earth hour and play their part in making Earth safer for the future.

Last but not least, DBS will also plant two real trees for each virtual tree their employees grew!

What is the Objective?

The microsite served as an Edutainment platform for DBS employees around the globe to learn about environmental issues and at the same time experience the joy of planting trees and bonding with other colleagues.

How Does It Work?

When the employees first login to the SharePoint application website, they will be required to select a seed of their choice given a seed to grow and personalise. Each participant will be given daily tasks, including watering the plant and fertilising the soil to keep the tree healthy, as well as answering sustainability-related quizzes. Points will be awarded to the users given after completing each daily activity and they can view a leaderboard to check who is the top scorer!

There is also a page represented by a big grassland where everyone’s tree is planted. With everyone’s efforts, we will turn the grassland is transformed s into a big and beautiful forest! What’s more? Everyone will be able to send out e-cards with a photo of their own tree to their fellow colleagues with messages and well wishes!

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