Embrace the challenge; At Trinax, we set high expectations, ensuring your journey with us is not just a career but a fulfilling adventure.

Joel Goh, CEO of Trinax

Joining Trinax means embracing a culture that thrives on discipline, effective communication, exemplary work quality, and upholding our cherished values. Our expectations extend beyond mere job performance; we seek individuals who bring a high level of intensity, positive energy, and leadership to each day, fostering an environment where passion, craftsmanship, and punctuality drive our collective success.

While acknowledging the demanding nature of working at Trinax, we believe that the challenges come hand in hand with a profound sense of fulfillment and well- deserved rewards. We take pride in cultivating an environment where everyone discovers fulfillment and a genuine sense of purpose in contributing to the success of our shared journey. At Trinax, we value not just what you do, but how you do it, recognizing that our collective commitment to excellence is the key to our continued success.


Trinax turns dreams into reality, a vision fulfilled by multi-disciplinary engineers and the Trinax pillars - Experiential, Innovation and Acceleration. When interconnected, these pillars enable Trinax to provide innovative solutions that merge creativity with technology.


We believe in the power of interactive experiences to connect, captivate and inspire. 

We blend creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft meaningful, unforgettable experiences that leave a profound impact.


Innovation is the heartbeat of Trinax.

We thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing emerging technologies, and pioneer solutions that transform ideas into reality.


At Trinax, we streamline processes, and optimise resources.

We empower clients with innovative solutions delivered promptly, ensuring they stay ahead in a fast-paced world.

IN 2024

In a recent endeavor, we’ve transformed our office space to create an atmosphere conducive to collaboration, brainstorming, and craftsmanship, providing our team with an inspiring environment.


Over the years, our commitment to fostering a tight-knit community extends beyond the workspace.

We've organized a variety of events designed to strengthen bonds among our team members, ensuring that work isn't just about tasks but also about shared experiences and enjoyment of various facets of our professional journey.


2024 CNY Celebrations

Feng shui Talk by UOB & YZS

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2022 Christmas Celebration

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2020 CNY Celebrations


Discover insights from our current and former team members as they share their as they share their valuable experiences with you.

Interactive Webar Experiences

Looking for WebAR activations by scanning an image and not another QR code via your mobile web browser? Want to create Instagram-like experiences such as gamification with facial movement recognition on web?

Click the button below to get in touch with us and create your own WebAR campaign now!

We produce award-winning


We are excited to offer you our trusted platform that consists of a wide spectrum of design options, plugins and add-ons. If you’re based in Singapore, we power the entire Virtual Event from end to end at our 360 Virtual Event Studio right here with our dedicated team.
Going hybrid that is truly interconnected digitally?