Virtual Roadshow

NTUC LearningHub

Launched in 2020

Amidst the change in work climate, this virtual event aims to simulate a physical roadshow in an online environment. 

What is the Experience?

Visitors of the virtual roadshow are greeted by a bubbly avatar and a roadmap that showcases a range of touchpoints that users may engage with. 
As they immerse into the experience and interact with the touchpoints, the roadmap is gradually altered to reflect their completion of the activities. 
The entire virtual event is reminiscent of an actual roadshow, seeking to educate and entertain users through its dynamic questionnaires and customised content. 

What is the Objective?

To educate users on the ever-changing job market through virtual events and facilitate the upskilling of Singapore’s workforce on a national level. 

How Does It Work?

The virtual roadshow starts similarly to a physical event. A virtual staff member greets them as they key in their personal particulars for registration. 
Users are introduced to a roadmap comprising various educational touchpoints, such as a quiz on what they think are essential skills in the workforce. Entertainment activities are included as well, with a quick game on finding suspicious items around an ordinary environment in SIngapore. 
Once the user triggers the last touchpoint, they are encouraged to contact an advisor to redeem their free gift and end off the experience.

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