Face Your Future
Mobile Application


Launched in 2019

Find out how to age gracefully through DBS’s Face Your Future. This mobile application takes a guess at a person’s age by analysing a selfie taken by the user.

A simple Q&A survey collects additional data to calculate the amount needed for a peaceful retirement, while suggesting financial planning to supplement their savings.

What is the Experience?

Singapore faces an ageing population, giving rise to the need for financial planning in a growing number of Singaporeans. In response, DBS partnered with Trinax to create a mobile app that takes a selfie, analyses facial features and runs the data through algorithms to identify a person’s age. 

A questionnaire would ask the consumer about lifestyle choices during retirement, and this information would be combined with the user’s age to calculate the monetary funds needed for their way of life.

What is the Objective?

To acquaint the workforce on the need for financial planning to safeguard their livelihood, specifically through the golden years. 

How Does It Work?

On launch, a button will appear to start the selfie taking where they are instructed to snap a picture. The picture is analysed to determine the age of the user, and an adjustable dial is shown with their estimated age. If it’s slightly inaccurate, users may turn the dial to edit and display their actual age. 

A questionnaire is subsequently conducted about their retirement and the data gathered will be cross-referenced with their age to produce the monetary sum needed to retire.

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Software Development

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