S&P Global AwakEN Experiential Exhibition

S&P Global Commodity Insights

Launched in 2022

A multi-sensory immersive experience brings you on a 150 years journey through the past, to the present, and into the future of S&P Global.

What is the Experience?

The exhibition hall is segmented into three parts to represent the past, present and future of S&P Global.

Immerse into the historical journey of the foundation of S&P Global, learn about the key achievements and historical moments as you read along the timeline. Visitors will also find the historical relics and collections of the digital archive across the hall.

Venture into the heart of present day S&P Global in the next section. Play the informative animation of the analytical process of S&P Global Commodity Insight on an interactive digital mirror display. Get to know the key management members via a custom WebAR application on mobile phones. Lastly, watch an episode of “Seek & Prosper” with an all new experience at a multiple sensory LED Video Wall.

Concluding the journey of AwakEN, visitors will find themselves at an information hub of S&P Global Commodity Insight. Browse through the collections of news, articles and podcasts to learn more about the future of (sustainable) energy. For visitors who would like to pledge their support and be a part of the sustainability drive, they could do so with an interactive booth. S&P Global promises to plant a tree for every pledge made!

What is the Objective?
To provide an experiential & educational journey of the heritage, wide range of businesses and the road ahead of S&P Global.
How Does It Work?

Trinax deployed multiple interactive touch points at the exhibition to create a multi-sensory and immersive experience.

  • Digital Archives
    Access to the documentary videos and digital copies of heritage documents are presented via interactive applications installed on iPads mounted on the wall.
  • LED Video Wall
    Total of four LED walls of more than 50sqm are deployed for an immersive experience in the exhibition. Each of the halls are equipped with a LED wall and high-resolution audio speakers for the experiential sensory impact.
  • Interactive Digital Mirror
    Interactive digital mirrors which some call them magic mirrors are installed in the hall that will play an animation of S&P Commodity Insight when interacted. Users will get to see themselves in the mirror while seeing digital content at the same time.
  • WebAR
    Trinax developed a custom WebAR app capable of facial recognition. The app reads and identifies the facial features to trigger a respective video content. The app is accessible via QR codes and no app installations are required.
  • Information Zone
    Multiple interactive touchpoints are installed in the wall to provide access to various online content. Trinax utilised the iPads for online articles, and provided high quality headsets for the podcast for better quality audio and noise isolations.
  • Social Wall
    Multiple strips of LED panels are installed and connected with a single computer system to control the content. With an API integrated with the website allows the system to read and display the latest headlines from the S&P Global website.
  • Interactive Kiosk
    Two custom housings are fabricated to hold the iPad in place. Each iPads is programmed with a custom application called, “Pledge Your Support”, which allows users to pledge their support by inserting their personal details and plant a virtual tree. S&P Global promises to plant a tree for every pledge made!

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