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Launched in 2021

Putting customers, internal staff and associates at the centre of all innovation, Kohler and Trinax have created an immersive and engaging way for users to experience Kohler’s products from the comfort of their homes.

What is the Experience?

With a wide range of interactive features, Kohler’s Customer Experience Centre offers users an immersive virtual experience like no other. 

To provide users with a seamless user journey, the platform is designed to facilitate easy navigation. Users simply need to click and drag to adjust the viewing angle to their preference. To explore further into other areas, users can click on the arrows directing them to the different locations. 

Beyond learning more about Kohler’s history and products through strategically placed interactive touchpoints, users can engage in conversation with the Kohler team via live chats. Users also have the opportunity to watch and enjoy on-demand content. To foster a sense of community even in a virtual experience, users are invited to share messages on the Social Wall to reach out to other participants.

What is the Objective?

To increase awareness and generate interest in Kohler Power’s range of products and enable opportunities for business and networking opportunities through this platform.

How Does It Work?

Users will first arrive at the Welcome Centre of Kohler’s Virtual Customer Experience Centre where they are given a quick guide on how to navigate the platform. Users are then free to explore the virtual platform to learn more about Kohler’s products. 

The features in this platform include: 

Milestone Wall 
Users can learn about Kohler’s history in providing power solutions. Given the content heavy nature of detailing such milestones, the use of animations and effects in this section seek to actively engage the user. 

Product Showcase 
Users can learn more about Kohler’s products by accessing images and videos available at the various touchpoints. 

On-demand Content 
Users can participate in this virtual event by watching content via on-demand viewing. 

Social Wall 
Users can post messages and captions on the Social Wall to actively engage with other users. This fosters a sense of community as users view the messages of others who have participated in this virtual experience. 

Content Management System 
With the creation of user profiles, Kohler can analyse the data collected from this virtual platform to track user interactions and page visits. The data can be used to gain valuable insights of Kohler’s stakeholders and inform future business plans.

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