Creating a Positive Impact on Society and Making a Difference in the Lives of others with Technology

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Imagine this: you are a doctor who works in the emergency department and is constantly racing against time to treat your patients who arrive at the hospital in dire conditions. What if you could treat your patients earlier while they were in the ambulance? With the use of a VR headset, you can now instruct the paramedic by guiding them using a robotic glove to treat the patient. This can be made possible with the rise of 5G networks that offer faster and smoother connectivity to allow doctors to diagnose patients remotely. Known as smart ambulances, this is just a glimpse into what the future of emergency healthcare could possibly look like. 

In this digital age we live in today, the rise of technology has impacted us in many ways. From the Internet of Things to the use of Artificial Intelligence, technology has brought about convenience and excitement in many ways. Beyond that, technology can be used meaningfully to create a positive impact in society by making a difference in the lives of others. 

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others 

1. Empowering people with disabilities using assistive technology

(Source: SPD)

From experiencing difficulties in their physical mobility to their learning abilities, people with disabilities face many challenges in their day to day life. For instance, people being diagnosed with cerebral palsy have limited limb movements and speech impairment. As a result, many find it difficult to communicate with others. With assistive technology, they can now use a specialised system such as the Augmentative and Alternative Communication tool on a mobile device to communicate with others more easily. By tapping on simple word boards or picture boards on the screen, the software then speaks on behalf of them. Acting a bridge between two parties, assistive technology plays a key role in ensuring effective communication between disabled people and their peers. 

2. Social robots as companions to the elderly 

(Source: Tech Digest

Have you heard of a social robot? Meet Stevie, a social robot that can sing, dance and even have a conversation with you. With the rise of aging populations across the globe, a lot of emphasis has been placed on developing sufficient physical infrastructure to meet the healthcare needs of this silver generation. However, another crucial aspect of this change lies in meeting the emotional needs of the elderly. This inspired the development of Stevie, a social robot that can be a companion to the elderly in nursing homes. 

3. Redefining healthcare 

(Source: Butterfly Network)

Bulky machines and heavy infrastructure are just some of the many reasons why it is difficult to allow everyone to have access to healthcare. What if we could shrink all this hardware into something more portable and compact? Enter Butterfly iQ, a pocket-sized ultrasound machine that you can easily carry around. By connecting the machine to a mobile device, you can easily see the footage of the ultrasound and save the scans all in one database. This has made it easier to allow people living in developing countries to gain access to healthcare given the portable nature of this machine. 

(Source: MedCity

Given the demanding nature of healthcare, doctors and nurses find themselves constantly pressed for time. The use of artificial intelligence and robotics in this field has helped to save time for healthcare professionals. For instance, artificial intelligence used in auto contouring for cancer treatment offers healthcare professionals up to 77% time savings for some organs. Furthermore, these software generated contours are mostly indistinguishable from human-drawn contours. By helping healthcare professionals to save time, they are able to provide more personalised care to their patients.  

Inspiring Positive Change in Society 

Similarly, Trinax strives to use our technological capabilities as a creative technology agency to inspire positive change in our society. 

1. Raising awareness of mental health conditions 

(Source: NCSS E-Escape Room, developed by Trinax) 

In collaboration with the National Council of Social Services, Trinax developed a virtual escape room to educate the public about the mental health conditions many people suffer from. To encourage the public to understand the perspective of someone living with a mental health condition, an e-escape room was created to simulate the feelings of entrapment they commonly face. By putting themselves into the shoes of various characters, users had to solve interactive puzzles in this immersive 360 degree 3D environment. Recognising the novel approach taken to educate the public about an issue that is of growing prevalence in society, this project won Bronze at the 2021 MARKies Awards in the Most Effective Use – Government Sector / Non-profit Marketing category. 

2. Cultivating an active lifestyle among Singaporeans 

(Source: Pokemon Exercise Machine, developed by Trinax) 

To promote the adoption of a healthier way of life, Trinax partnered with the Health Promotion Board to create a Pokemon exercise machine. This interactive vending machine gave the public a chance to participate in simple exercises. With a few taps of the interactive screen, the public could choose from a range of physical activities according to their different moods depicted by the iconic character Pikachu. Upon completing the exercises, a prize would be automatically dispensed through the vending machine. This exciting digital experience saw many Singaporeans working up a sweat in this challenge by marching or throwing some punches in the air. 

3. Engaging the elderly in physical activity 

(Source: SATA Smart Posture Detection Machine, developed by Trinax) 

Put your physical mobility to the test by standing and sitting from a chair as many times as possible in 30 seconds. While doing so, a machine that relies on motion sensors would detect and keep track of your movements. To encourage senior citizens to keep healthy, Trinax developed a smart posture detection machine for SATA. Based on the number of stands they did, the machine would determine the physical mobility and the suitable amount of exercise seniors should adopt. By using technology creatively to integrate both digital and physical platforms, the seniors were thoroughly engaged in this unique omni-channel experience. 

Developing Meaningful Digital Experiences 

As a specialist in developing interactive digital experiences, Trinax uses our technological capabilities to meet the needs of your business and customers. Beyond that, we are honoured to work with clients who strive to use technology to create a better society for everyone. If you are interested in collaborating with us for your next digital experience, do feel free to reach out to us. 

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