Make Hologram Technology the Key Differentiator of your Brand Experience

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Do you remember how Tony Stark created a new element by tapping and moving flying projections in Iron Man? What seemed futuristic and impossible to us in the past is thankfully something achievable today. Get ready for the rise of Hologram Technology, an up-and-coming form of technology that is set to redefine customer experiences from now on. 

What is Hologram Technology? 

(Source: UMP Paris)

Hologram technology refers to a 3D display that is projected in-air where users can interact with a floating interface. Without requiring any specific equipment such as glasses or cameras, users can easily view the projection. Additionally, the image will shift and adjust accordingly to the user’s movements, allowing the user to view the image from any angle. 

With their unique in-air projections, holographic displays are effective in attracting the attention of crowds. Furthermore, multiple people are able to view the projection at once, making it an effective marketing tool that can reach a wide audience. By breaking down complex concepts into a visual projection, holographic displays can help brands to communicate information in a clear manner to customers. Additionally, the floating interface plays a key role in creating an exciting experience that is distinct from other platforms customers are presented with today. 

Creating Exciting Experiences with Hologram Technology 

In this digital age we live in today, consumer demands are constantly evolving. To create an immersive experience that many customers desire, hologram technology plays an important role. Furthermore, with greater concerns over hygiene  in a post-Covid world, the replacement of physical buttons with holographic displays are appropriate and timely. 

Here are some ways how hologram technology is being used today: 

1. HoloWall 

(Source: Protocube Reply)

To launch their latest On Air series, Nike worked with Hypervsn to create a holographic display for their product launch in Seoul. The moving in-air projection of Nike’s latest product line offered customers an immersive experience to explore the new range of products in an interactive manner. This unique brand encounter attracted many customers to whip out their phones and share it with their friends on social media, helping Nike to gain more publicity for their new On Air series. 

2. Holographic Circus 

(Source: Photonics

In recent years, Circus Roncalli started to use holographic animals instead of live animals at their performances. With holographic animals, visitors are now able to experience what used to be impossible in the past. For instance, a giant holographic goldfish could now swim on stage or a holographic horse would appear out of nowhere. The use of hologram technology in this circus provided a refreshing take on the traditional circus experience. 

3. Holographic Show 

(Source: Copa America)

Fancy seeing your favourite football star in action right in front of you? The Copa America tournament was off to a spectacular start with a stunning light show which featured a holographic display of footballer Diego Maradona performing tricks. While the football star skilfully dribbled the ball, his famous World Cup goal against England was projected on the screen. The holographic display was an impactful way to honour the late footballer who is well known for his outstanding performance in the past. 

4. Mobile Holograms

(Source: iReview

Have a break, have a Kit Kat. No other brand takes their promise as seriously as Kit Kat does. To motivate weary students for their upcoming examinations, Kit Kat thought of a novel way to send words of encouragement right to their doorstep. The Kit Kat bar came with a plastic pyramid which when placed over a mobile phone, projected a hologram of boy band DSH singing a song to wish students good luck for their tests. By providing a personalised and engaging experience, Kit Kat’s thoughtful gesture was sure to give students a fun break from their studies while enjoying a chocolate bar. 

5. Holographic Stage 

(Source: Magic Holo)

If you need a main highlight for your next event, try using a holographic stage to do so. With moving in-air projections, the hologram stage show will definitely capture the attention of your audience. Beyond entertainment, these shows can be used to explain complicated processes to your audience by making them easily understood in clear, visual formats. 

6. HoloTube 

(Source: Exhibitry)

Have you heard of a hologram host? Hologram technology makes it possible for a life sized presenter to be projected virtually at your events or trade shows. Besides introducing product offerings or explaining information, customers can engage with the host by using an interactive touch screen. Customers can request for the virtual host to introduce certain products, offering customers a customised experience catered to their diverse needs. Additionally, hologram hosts are an effective way to reach out to your audience given the small footprint of floor space it occupies. 

New Possibilities with Hologram Technology 

With technological advancements, holograms can be used for a wide range of purposes to create exciting experiences for your customers. As a specialist in developing interactive digital experiences, the rise of hologram technology is of great interest to Trinax. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of hologram technology or creating an immersive customer experience, do feel free to reach out to us for a collaboration.  

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