LED Wall


Launched in 2018

To promote a product launch by Adidas, a huge LED screen was set up that displayed the product’s tagline. This illustration followed the movements of participants who stood and walked along the screen. Not only is it interactive, this set-up helps to drive home the tagline that Adidas was trying to deliver.

What is the Experience?

Visitors will be drawn to the huge LED screen that is hard to miss. An eye-catching screen saver can also be played in idle mode to attract attention. As a person walks across the screen, the movement is tracked and a slogan follows. This simple activity can be enjoyed by the masses when time is of the essence.

What is the Objective?

Adidas hoped to market its latest product to a large number of people in the shortest duration possible. This means reaching out in a fast and efficient manner without consuming too much of an audience’s time.

How Does It Work?

Motion sensors detect when a person arrives in front of the LED screen. A message or slogan appears and follows the person’s movement along the facade of the screen. On standby mode, an animation or screensaver can also be played.

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