Augmented reality
Mobile Application

Avenue South Residence

Launched in 2019

To drive sales of the upcoming luxury condominium, an augmented reality (AR) mobile app operates alongside a scale-downed replica of the residences; allowing visitors to augment details about specific points of the condominium straight to their smartphones. 

What is the Experience?

The showflat puts on display a miniature replica of Avenue South Residences to give visitors a taste of its exquisite architecture. QR codes are placed at the edges of the exhibit, to be used with the AR app. When a smartphone camera detects them, information about the apartment’s varied layouts are shown. Amenities around the estate can also be scanned to showcase a brief description of their features as well as artist impressions.

What is the Objective?

To facilitate an immersive adventure through UOL’s extravagant apartments, implemented through a diorama that is equipped with AR technology.

How Does It Work?

After launching the app, the camera is activated and users are free to scan QR codes or amenities located in the replica. Pop-ups containing layouts, descriptions and images will be displayed that are related to the scanned structure. 

As the residences are projected to have diverse floor plans, it is important to allow potential buyers to browse and select their preferred layout. An assortment of QR codes are placed closely to each building and visitors would scan the closet one to view layouts for that particular building. 

If a suitable layout is found, tapping the star icon on-screen will add it to their favourites list. This list is easily accessible and simplifies the process of searching for layouts, thus providing a more robust experience. 

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