Chinese New Year booth


Launched in 2015

The practice of fortune-telling has lingered for centuries, with its relevance taking on different forms regardless of race, language or religion. For Chinese New Year, DBS sought out Trinax to integrate a unique blend of data generation and celebration. An interactive booth can be installed to collect users’ date of birth and printing out the relevant zodiac readings, lucky colours and numbers.

What is the Experience?

Guests basking in the festivities of the occasion who are curious about their fortunes for the year are invited to key in their birthdates. A catalog of zodiac signs then shows up on screen for them to pick and choose, before a reading card is dispensed. This allows them to come away from the event with more than just a memory; they leave with extra hope for the future!

What is the Objective?

Seizing the opportunity of a special event to reach out to a target audience while seamlessly collecting data at the same time. This simple and interactive experience not only adds flair to the event, it is also an efficient way of recording key information. 

How Does It Work?

Guests simply have to indicate their date of births before proceeding to choose from the 12 zodiacs. A loading page with a short animation of the zodiac plays prior to the printing of a zodiac card which can be filled with short information such as predictions and messages.

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