Photo Wall

Digital Fashion Week

Launched in 2015

An interactive wall was designed and installed for Digital Fashion Week, all within 4 weeks. The wall is activated by touch, where consumers could customize photo frames and receive digital copies of their photos taken by entering their email addresses into the system. The huge interactive wall was also very eye-catching and piqued the interest of many passers-by.

What is the Experience?

Riding on the wave of anticipation and excitement for the Digital Fashion Week, shoppers walking along the shopping belt were greeted by a wide interactive screen. Touching it activates a camera function with customisable frames for users to take photos with. This allows shoppers to strut their stuff in their favourite outfits, in line with this special event.

What is the Objective?

By engaging and interacting with the public during a landmark event, it gives the audience a sense of connection with the event and allows them to relate while having fun at the same time.

How Does It Work?

Easily designed and set up within 4 weeks, this interactive wall is touchscreen-enabled. Users can pick and choose from a range of frames, and proceed to send personalised photo to their emails.

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