GXS Voice Of Prosperity

GXS Bank Singapore

Launched in 2023

On 27 to 29 January 2023, you could lend your voice to charity at Bugis Junction. The louder you shout, the more you raise for Charity.

What is the Experience?

In the season of prosperity and sharing, GXS collaborated with CARE Singapore to launch fundraiser drives while sending HUAT wishes to everyone around you!

Participants are required to insert a $2 donation to wake the fortune cat and start the activity. The interactive screen on the cat’s stomach will provide the participants with the campaign details and game instructions to follow and shout “GONG XI FATT CHAI” as loud as possible for 3 seconds. The fortune cat will multiply the $2 donation by as high as 16x according to the sound level of the participant’s wish!

What is the Objective?
The campaign aimed to raise awareness and donations for charity with gamification.
How Does It Work?

Trinax’s team designed and fabricated a 2-meter tall GXS signature mascot in a form of a Fortune Cat for the campaign.

Any interaction on the screen will prompt the participant to insert a $2 bill into the bill acceptor and acknowledge the terms and conditions before they proceed to the game. The microphone will listen to the voice of the participants and assign the multiplier according to how loud they are. The eyes of the cat will react to the score of the participants!

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