Ode to the Masters

Launched in 2020

A majestic sculpture of a lion’s head puts on display an immersive 3D projection, filled with vibrant visuals that captivate and intrigue passers-by. 

What is the Experience?

With an expertly handcrafted appearance, this lion head is designed to attract the eyes of the public as they walk by this peculiar sculpture. The model gradually rotates clockwise, allowing viewers to grasp its beauty while experiencing the interactivity when they come close.

Interactive 3D projections of famous artworks and fascinating graphics are layered onto the lion head, portraying creative and mysterious visuals to amaze viewers. Watch as the hypnotic Interactive 3D Projection come to live when one approaches, with interactive lights and alluring audio effects seamlessly coordinated with your movements.

The rotating lion head sculpture, along with 3D projection mapping, culminates into a stunning display that is engineered to attract attention. 

What is the Objective?

To infuse beautiful works of art with technology, bridging the gap between the world of creativity and technological innovation. 

How Does It Work?

An innovative 3D projector tool is positioned in front of the sculpture to portray a variety of visual assets that are customised to fit the many contours and curves of the lion head; by extension, the 3D projector tool has the capabilities to adapt its projection to fit sculptures of any shape. 

Through this technology, a seamless projection is created that perfectly blends in with the unique shape of the lion head. 
Beneath the lion head sculpture lies a large rotating disc, constantly in motion to give users a 360-degree view of the model from any point of view. 

Motion sensors have also been installed to allow users seamless interaction with the alluring centrepiece.

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