Junction 10

Launched in 2019

Relive the olden days in this nostalgic game of hopscotch – with a twist! Shoppers will leap through the squares as per usual, but take momentary pauses to avoid stepping on electronic obstacles.

What is the Experience?

Traditional Hopscotch involves players skipping back and forth through marked squares with the challenge of keeping their balance. To add a layer of difficulty, a square chosen at random will light up, causing players to lose if stepped on. This is facilitated by an LED hopscotch board, allowing any square to emit light. 

A push-button and LED screen optimises the experience where players will push the button to start the timer while the elapsed time is shown on-screen. A leaderboard is also displayed periodically to inform players of the time to beat.

What is the Objective?

To induce fun and nostalgia into the hearts of shoppers with a revamped edition of an established past time. 

How Does It Work?

LED lights are installed below an elevated hopscotch board with a start and reset button that connects to the large LED screen. 

At the push of a button, the timer starts and a single square will be lit up that the player must avoid while hoping to the end – resulting in a failed attempt if stepped on. Once they complete the challenge, the button is pushed again to stop the timer. Their timing is then recorded and evaluated for an opportunity to appear on the leaderboard. 

This project requires connectivity between all components to create a digitally inclined hopscotch game.

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