Training Application

La Mer

Launched in 2019

La Mer’s refreshing take on beauty introduces tutorials on how to apply their cosmetics – all within a microsite. The convenience it provides relieves the need for customers to visit brick-and-mortar stores for the purpose of getting familiar with the makeup they bought online or offline. 

What is the Experience?

The app enables makeup tutorials that are personalised according to the consumer’s lifestyle and appearance. To do this, they will be asked to select a preset lifestyle choice, examples being “date night”, “work in office” and “travel”. Alternatively, they can create a personal lifestyle profile with its own title, picture and progressively customise it by answering a series of skincare questions.

Data from the questions are analysed and a cosmetic product most suited to the customer’s preferences is displayed. A tutorial comprising of directional arrows and hands – overlaid on the user’s selfie – serves as a guide in applying that cosmetic.

What is the Objective?

To introduce a modern approach to cosmetics with meticulous algorithms that generates appropriate recommendations with readily available tutorials. 

How Does It Work?

After creating an account to save essential information, users may create a new lifestyle experience that activates the camera for a selfie. Once the photo is uploaded, a series of questions are asked about the user’s skin goals. The data is analysed and a La Mer serum is selected with an in-app tutorial that utilises the user’s selfie. This selfie is overlaid with arrows and hands to teach them how to apply the makeup.

Selecting an existing lifestyle experience will bring the user straight to a serum recommendation as the configurations for that profile have been analysed beforehand. The relevant makeup guides will be displayed likewise. 

At the customer’s request, the cosmetic tutorial can be shared on social media sites or sent to their emails by keying in the relevant email address. 

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Software Development
Software Development

Software Development

For optimal usage of the platforms and experiences we built, we provide integration service with external systems via API. This allows our interactive applications to communicate with your existing systems, such as loyalty and inventory systems, to authenticate the users and align activities such as gift with purchase (GWP) movements.

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