National Library Board

Launched in 2021

Uncover the vibrant world out there through an interactive visual and audio masterpiece comprising of beautiful nature scenes that illustrates biodiversity amongst us.

What is the Experience?

Find beauty in nature in this audio and visual display at National Library Bugis! This experience brings users on a nature trip where they will be able to interact and find out more about different birds, weather and the whole ecosystem.

A three screen LED display in the middle highlights the experience, as users are naturally drawn to the artistically curated animated screensaver on display. Users will be able to navigate through different climates, whilst finding out more about various species of birds, and how it comes together to illustrate biodiversity.

What is the Objective?

To connect users with the wonders of nature and celebrate biodiversity and its crucial role in our everyday lives.

How Does It Work?

As users enter this beautiful exhibition, they’re greeted by intricate screens and displays that allows them find out more about the different species of birds and climates.

As users navigate to the middle of the exhibition, they will be able to find three interactive screens that allows them to find out more about the wonders of nature and how it connects to biodiversity. Throughout the exhibition, users will also be treated to audio effects that further elevates the entire experience.

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