Donation Booth

National Museum Singapore

Launched in 2020

Help baby Tapir find his way back home in this exciting maze on a touchscreen. 

What is the Experience?

To create a thematic experience for museum visitors, an interactive touchscreen kiosk allows users to donate and play a maze game about baby Tapirs. 

Users slide their finger across the screen to control baby Tapir as they navigate through the maze, with the goal of bringing the lost animal back home. 

The entire experience is filled with luscious greenery and a unique colour palette that sets the mood for the user as they browse the museum. 

What is the Objective?

To garner donations for Singapore’s National Museum and preserve our heritage for the generations ahead. 

How Does It Work?

Users first donate via a contactless payment method. A card reader is available on the exterior for users to scan their bank card, successfully donating a fixed amount to National Museum Singapore. The maze game can then be accessed. 

Users play as baby Tapir at one end of the maze and move it by sliding their finger through the touchscreen maze. If the player’s finger hits a wall, baby Tapir will stop moving. The goal is to reach the other baby Tapir at the other side before time runs out. 

After the game is complete, users may choose to keep in contact with National Museum Singapore by entering their contact details via the touchscreen. 

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