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Launched in 2023

Be engaged through a myriad of gamified activities whilst you learn all about cybersecurity at Safer with Google.

What is the Experience?

Safer with Google is a fully integrated and customised event that features a series of interactive and gamified touch-points all with the focus on driving cybersecurity.

Passkey in MRT
This interactive touchpoint mimics the familiar gantries we see at our MRT and starts the experience off. Attendees are required to scan their fingerprint at the gantry gate for access. Upon scanning, the gates will be opened and attendees will be able to find out more about passkey security through the customized station ahead.

Google Career Certificate
A classic yet important question & answer experience that focuses on the topic of making the right cybersecurity choices. Attendees will have to complete 6 multiple choice questions to keep their company safe from cyberattacks. Each question will also contain further explanation upon answering.

Security Checkup
Twist your way to victory as you avoid unwanted objects in this gamified experience. Attendees will be required to turn their body left and right to avoid the unwanted objects, whilst collecting as many green shields as possible.

It’s cool to be kind
Empower kindness towards others through actions. In this bishi-bashi like experience, attendees will have 3 buttons to tap on while looking at the screen. The focus is to tap on the button only when kind actions appear to highlight their support.

Don’t fall for fake
A reality river crossing game that test attendees on their knowledge on people and situational awareness. To cross the river, attendees will be required to answer the questions correctly. Each question will have 3 answer choices and attendees will answer them by stepping left and right.

Secure your secret
The old school basketball ball arcade game we have all played before, with a twist. Each basketball will contain generic password creation practice and players will be required to select the appropriate ones before attempting to throw the ball. Points will only be captured if players select the correct balls.

Share with care
Using the joystick, players can navigate right and left to shoot the laser. Initiating the laser beam allows players to share information with their friends. The take-away is to be mindful of what you share with others.

What is the Objective?

To engage the audiences with an array of interactive and gamified activities that focuses on cybersecurity.

How Does It Work?

Through a series of interactive touch-points, Google seeks to engage the attendees and drive awareness for cybersecurity and general awareness.

This interactive event is thoughtfully designed to bring attendees comfortably through over 6 stations, with each station containing important messages and takeaway. The heavy use of gamification seeks to lighten the mood as Google drive the important message of cybersecurity and general awareness.

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