Touch and Win Wall

Tiger Beer

Launched in 2020

Customers at various supermarkets await their Lunar New Year surprise as stage lights flicker to reveal their prize.

What is the Experience?

After purchasing specific goods from the participating supermarket, consumers make their way to the gift redemption booth. The booth is adorned with red motifs and popular Chinese phrases to wish users prosperity during the festive period. 

A pedestal houses a push-button that begins the experience. LEDs flicker in a systematic pattern as visitors exciting wait for it to pinpoint their valuable prize.

This unique gift redemption kiosk will engross visitors with an element of surprise, providing a highly memorable experience. 

What is the Objective?

To implement an immersive gift redemption touchpoint that offers suspenseful anticipation while ringing in the Lunar New Year, lavished in an abundance of red decals.

How Does It Work?

LED lights are installed to act as backlight, illuminating panels that showcase each of the prizes available. On idle, the panels light up at random to attract consumer attention. 

Users will activate the push-button that commences a pre-set lighting pattern. Moments after, it stops and lands on a random prize – such as a card shuffler, glassware and cash rewards. 

Supermarket staff will present the prize accordingly, where pictures are taken to commemorate their prosperous gift.

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