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Traditionally, Shopping Mall clients have organised physical games, as it helps to bring footfall to the malls. But with increasing e-commerce and online activities across all demographics, there has been more demand for corresponding online games that add value to the experience. With COVID19, the challenge was to come up with a solution that could engage remotely, yet effectively, using the user’s personal devices.

In celebration of Chinese New Year which coincides with Valentine’s Day this year, Raffles Quay Assets Management (RQAM) approached us to introduce a game to be assessed through Instagram that the community can easily play, at the comfort of their offices and homes and add value to the online engagement experience.

The concepts and mechanics of the festivities were put together into a hyper casual dodging game that required them to collect hearts to earn points and avoid fire crackers to end the game.

(RQAM Dash For Love Instagram Filter Feature on Channel 8)

We make use of hyper casual games that are suited for almost all demographics. These games are interactive yet easy to play, and that’s what attracts the players at home. For this instance, we also built the game on the popular social media platform – Instagram. It is easier for users to feel more interacted when the games are hosted on familiar platforms. Drop us a message if you’re keen to find out more!

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