Enabling Virtual and Hybrid Events amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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With the rise in Covid-19 cases across the globe and the emergence of new variants, the pandemic seems to be never ending. More than a year later, borders of many countries still remain closed to prevent further Covid-19 transmissions. This has affected many businesses, especially the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) industry, which relies on people gathering in a common location for such events. 

A Concern for Singapore 

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As a business hub that heavily relies on foreign investments, Singapore’s MICE industry is a key sector of our economy. Beyond the contribution of the MICE industry to our economy, MICE is also an important form of tourism as MICE business travellers spend nearly twice that of leisure travellers. Given the significance of the MICE industry to Singapore, it is necessary for us to help this sector tide through the difficult challenges of Covid-19. 

The MICE industry has been impacted in many ways by the pandemic. For instance, many physical MICE events had to be cancelled or postponed due to travel restrictions and the fear of Covid-19 transmissions. Some businesses had to experience the difficult transition of turning to digital platforms to host their events. However, the lack of digital expertise to seamlessly transition to virtual platforms posed a challenge to many. 

Going Virtual with Brands

(Singapore Business Awards, developed by Trinax)

While Covid-19 has presented an unexpected obstacle to the MICE industry, it is up to businesses to adjust to this new normal. To help industry players adapt to the new changes, Trinax has partnered with businesses to create customised and immersive experiences to meet the needs of their customers. 

One such experience is the creation of virtual events. Without facing the constraints of time and space, virtual events give brands the opportunity to reach out to a wide audience through an online platform instead of a physical location. To actively engage customers, virtual events are designed to integrate many interactive features into the platform. Hybrid events are also on the rise, given their ability to combine both in-person and virtual events seamlessly. 

However, research has shown that users may start experiencing “virtual event fatigue”, where participants find it tiring to attend an event that is only happening on their laptop. To address this issue, Trinax has designed an omni-channel experience for our partners where both offline and online platforms are integrated seamlessly to enhance the user experience. This means that the experience can start from a physical element that effectively engages and leads audiences onto the virtual platform. Furthermore, Trinax offers interactive and entertaining experiences to amplify networking or team bonding sessions.

BASF Footwear Innovation Centre Virtual Launch 

(BASF Footwear Innovation Centre Virtual Launch, developed by Trinax)

In partnership with BASF, Trinax designed an interactive 360-degree Virtual Launch to promote their products. In light of the new restrictions on physical events from the pandemic, BASF turned to digital platforms to reach out to their audience. As the winner of the silver award at the recent 2020 Marketing Events Awards, the BASF Footwear Innovation Centre Virtual Launch offers users an immersive experience like no other.

With the creation of a 360-degree interactive main lobby, users could enjoy a panoramic view of the virtual launch. Users could explore the newly launched products by seamlessly navigating their way through different booths. Beyond learning more about BASF’s footwear series, users were engaged with live streamed events, such as Q&A segments hosted by the staff members. Users also had the opportunity to interact with others and the BASF team through live chat functions. 

(BASF Footwear Innovation Centre Virtual Launch, developed by Trinax)

This virtual launch also included gamification elements, where users were encouraged to put their knowledge of BASF’s products to the test through immersive games. 

AMD APAC No Limits Virtual Conference 

(AMD APAC No Limits Virtual Conference, developed by Trinax)

To simulate the experience of a real-life product launch, Trinax collaborated with AMD to organise an Interactive Virtual Summit in 2020. The event began with a Smart RSVP system where users could easily register for the event via a link sent in the eDMs. 

AMD virtual sumit: Upon entering the Virtual Summit, users will first see an animated virtual lobby which gives them a comprehensive overview of the Summit. Next, users can select various virtual booths to view the multimedia content to learn more about AMD’s new products. If users have any queries or would like to connect with the AMD team, they can interact with them through the live chat functions. The last segment of the Virtual Summit featured a live broadcast of the award ceremony where users could express their reactions and heartfelt congratulations to winners in real-time through a live chat. 

Last but not least, AMD had the opportunity to understand its customers in a more in-depth manner with the generation of post-event statistics. By analysing the data on viewership numbers and user participation of virtual booths, AMD can derive valuable insights on their customers and the success of the virtual event. 

Assisi Hospice Fun Day 2020 Virtual Carnival 

(Assisi Hospice Fun Day 2020 Virtual Carnival, developed by Trinax)

Beyond using virtual events for the promotion of products, organisations can use these platforms for a good cause. To adapt to the newly imposed restrictions on physical events, Trinax partnered with Assisi Hospice to host their annual fundraising carnival as an Interactive Virtual Carnival instead. 

To actively engage users, the Virtual Carnival featured various interactive games for them to participate in. Users could also stand a chance to win prizes by participating in the automated lucky draw system. To help participants capture memories at this unique event, the virtual photo booth with customisable stickers and frames gave them the chance to do so as well as send messages to others. 

Beyond interacting with users, the Virtual Carnival included livestream content for users to watch and enjoy in real-time. Additionally, an e-commerce platform was built into the carnival to engage participants with an extensive online marketplace. 

Braving The New Norm 

At Trinax, we specialise in transiting your physical event into a hybrid version seamlessly and professionally. Given the ongoing pandemic, it is unclear when large scale physical events and mass travel can resume. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to offer customers immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences even from the comfort of their homes. As a specialist in interactive digital experiences for the past 10 years, we strive to partner with you to engage your audience in a refreshing and impactful manner to meet your business objectives. If you are keen on collaborating with us, do contact us for more details. 

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