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Scan a QR code to enter the Butterfly Bonanza where you catch butterflies as fast as you can by tapping on the screen of your mobile phone. Navigate your way through a physical maze by completing interactive games and quizzes with a tablet. If these experiences sound familiar to you, you have most likely experienced an increasingly emerging form of technology, WebXR. 

Using an omni-channel framework, WebXR integrates both the offline and online experience to enhance the user experience. Being fuss-free and simple to use, WebXR does not require users to download specific apps. Instead, users are immersed in engaging experiences that run right from the browser. Working across all devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, WebXR is widely accessible. Using a combination of both virtual reality and augmented reality features, WebXR offers users an enhanced and immersive experience the moment they scan a QR code. 

Why WebXR? 

(NTUC Augmented Reality Watch Booth, developed by Trinax)

So, why should you care about WebXR? 

In light of the upcoming 5G connectivity network in Singapore, faster download rates and smoother connections will soon be made possible. Therefore, it is important for businesses to leverage on this opportunity to create exciting digital experiences for customers. Brands can capitalise on an increasingly connected environment to actively engage users with WebXR. 

Besides having a supportive environment, brands need to adapt to the changing habits of their customers. Studies have shown that customers prefer experiences over traditional means of marketing, making it crucial for brands to increase their interaction with customers. With a more interactive and personalised user experience, brands are more likely to create awareness and generate interest in their products. This can eventually lead to higher sales conversion rates, making WebXR an effective marketing tool. 

Furthermore, given the ongoing global pandemic, brands have to think of creative ways to reach out to their audience in a socially distanced world. With travel restrictions and worldwide lockdowns, businesses need to offer customers with experiences that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their homes. With a growing reliance on digital devices, brands can capitalise on this trend by interacting with users through WebXR. 

Riding on these new trends and technological advancements, Trinax has partnered with several organisations to create exciting and customised WebXR experiences to meet the needs of their customers. 

Augmented Reality Butterfly Bonanza Catching Game 

(Butterfly Bonzana, developed by Trinax) 

Have you ever wanted to experience something but was unable to do so due to certain physical constraints? To bridge this gap, Trinax uses WebXR to create omni-channel experiences that merge both online and offline platforms. For instance, Trinax designed an augmented reality experience which involved participants catching butterflies on a mobile device. Users simply had to scan the forest canvas with a tablet which would generate butterflies on the screen. To win the game, participants had to catch the butterflies by tapping the screen as quickly as they could. 

By incorporating augmented reality, this experience allowed users to explore the forest and evoke excitement among them as they tried to catch the animated butterflies as fast as possible. 

Magnolia WebAR Experience

(Magnolia WebAR Concept, developed by Trinax) 

As part of research and development efforts, Trinax leveraged on popular dairy brand Magnolia to conceptualise a WebAR Experience that offers customers an exciting way to learn about Magnolia’s products all from the comfort of their homes. Without requiring an app download, users could simply scan the QR code on their purchased milk carton with their phones. Upon doing so, customers could explore and learn more about Magnolia’s products with full animations on their screen. The interactive and immersive WebAR feature strives to give customers a memorable brand experience with Magnolia.

Marina Bay Link Mall Gamified Instagram Filter 

(Gamified Instagram Filter, developed by Trinax) 

Take customer engagement to another level with a gamified Instagram filter. Working with Marina Bay Link Mall to increase their social media following, Trinax created a gamified Instagram filter to actively engage customers. Using the selfie camera in the filter to track the user’s head movements, users had to tilt their head to dodge the fire cracker obstacles and collect heart stickers to earn points. Players who achieve the highest score stood a chance to win attractive prizes. 

Endless Possibilities with WebXR 

Other brands have taken to exploring the endless possibilities with WebXR. Leveraging on the unique features of WebXR, businesses have used this emerging form of technology in creative ways to meet their objectives. 

Toyota’s Mobile WebAR Corolla Showroom 

(Source: Forbes

To empower customers with an engaging digital experience, Toyota launched a WebAR showroom which allowed users to explore the Corolla Sedan in their own surroundings. With an interactive 3D model and a 360 degree feature, customers could easily adjust and control their viewing angle. By tapping or moving the model, users could learn more about specific features of the car. This personalised and immersive WebAR experience empowered users with knowledge in an engaging way to inform their purchase decisions. 

Make My Magnum 

(Source: Blippar)

With an aim to raise awareness and drive footfall to Magnum’s newly opened retail store in Singapore, Magnum utilised augmented reality to actively engage customers in their campaign. Users simply needed to tap on Magnum’s mobile advertisement to launch the augmented reality without having to download an app. Once they did so, users were tasked to design their very own Magnum by moving their phone in all directions to choose the toppings and coatings they would like. Upon completion, users could redeem their own customised Magnum in store at a discounted price. With a personalised and exciting AR experience, customers were motivated and interested to explore Magnum’s new retail store. 

SK Telecom Jump Aqua World 

(Source: Jump)

Leading South Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom used interactive cinematic Augmented Reality to create a multiplayer WebAR game, “Jump Aqua World”. While users were enjoying various AR content, they were invited to interact with various sea creatures living in the virtual underwater environment. This provided users with an enriching and immersive experience as they explored the Aqua World by engaging in games with the virtual sea creatures. 

The Future of Technology 

In the increasingly digital world we live in today, businesses must leverage on online platforms to engage in meaningful interaction with users. With WebXR, brands can offer users a seamless, omni-channel experience that excites consumers with the interaction between offline and online channels. At Trinax, we specialise in building customised and interactive experiences designed with an omni-channel framework to meet your business goals. Do feel free to contact us if you would like to embark on a journey with us in creating an immersive digital experience for your customers today.

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