How do Marketing Games offer an exciting Digital Experience for your Customers in a Pandemic

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Tap, click, scan and swipe. These are familiar routines to many digitally savvy consumers who use their mobile devices to get about their daily lives. Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the way we live, work and play. For instance, it has rapidly accelerated the rate of digitalisation. In light of these changes, it is important for businesses to stay ahead of trends and adapt to the needs of their customers swiftly. In a time like this, how do brands continue to engage their customers in refreshing and relevant ways? 

Before crafting one’s strategies, it is crucial for businesses to first understand how consumer trends have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and travel restrictions, there is an increased reliance on technology like never before. Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices to complete a variety of tasks on a daily basis. With a rise in digital media consumption habits, brands need to adapt their marketing strategies by reaching out to their customers on online platforms. 

The Attraction of Marketing Games

(Lazada’s Cupcake Slash, developed by Trinax) 

To adapt to these new trends, brands can use marketing games to provide their customers with an interactive digital experience. Using gamification, users get to experience the thrill of competing with other players from the comfort of their homes. Coupled with the chance to win prizes, instant gratification is key to this exciting experience. By actively engaging customers with marketing games, it can eventually lead to higher conversion rates for businesses. 

The Evolution of Marketing Games 

In the past, marketing games largely consisted of memory games and jigsaw puzzles that helped customers to learn more about various brands and their products. With the advancement of technology, marketing games have evolved with the times to include many interactive and exciting features. Today, games such as motion-based games and multiplayer online games are no strangers to customers. These new features help to enhance the customer experience by providing users with an immersive and engaging way to interact with brands. 

Many businesses have understood the importance of using marketing games to offer their customers an exciting digital experience. For instance, e-commerce brands such as Lazada and Shopee have leveraged their online platforms to offer games to their customers. Using incentives such as winning shopping vouchers from playing games on a mobile app to entice users, Lazada takes shoppertainment to the next level. By keeping users actively entertained with these games, these games can help to drive engagement and purchase behaviour.  

A Wide Variety of Marketing Games 

Recognising the importance of using marketing games to enhance their strategies, Trinax has collaborated with the following partners to provide their customers with an engaging digital experience.  To meet the diverse needs of their respective customers, Trinax has created a wide variety of games with distinct features to do so. 

DBS Moolahpoly: A Multiplayer Board Game

(DBS Moolahpoly Interactive Microsite, developed by Trinax)

Taking inspiration from popular game Monopoly, Trinax worked with DBS to create Moolahpoly, a multiplayer board game. This interactive and turn-based game allows users to climb up the wealth ladder against fellow players as they engage in various activities and challenges. Offering users a personalised game experience catered to their individual lifestyles and personality traits, Moolahpoly teaches users about wealth management and property financing in a refreshing manner. 

NCSS Breaking Barriers E-Escape Room: Singapore’s First Virtual Escape Room 

(NCSS E-Escape Room, developed by Trinax) 

Beyond using games to evoke excitement among your customers, they can be used as a form of edutainment, which refers to educating users in an entertaining manner. To educate the public on the commonly misunderstood topic of mental disorders, Trinax collaborated with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) to create an interactive E-Escape room. In this 360 degree 3D environment, users will role play as characters with mental disabilities and find clues to solve interactive puzzles. By doing so, players will have to put themselves in the shoes of people with mental disabilities, helping them to gain insight into the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Merck Curious Calvin’s Catch Microsite Game

(Merck’s Curious Calvin Catch Microsite Game, developed by Trinax) 

To drive brand and product awareness and engage customers globally amidst a pandemic, multinational pharmaceutical provider Merck partnered with Trinax to create an interactive microsite game. Upon scanning a QR code on a mobile device, users could access the online microsite experience. By tapping the left and right buttons on the screen to switch lanes, users were challenged to collect Merck products while dodging harmful chemicals. At the end of the game, users could win attractive prizes from a lucky draw and indicate their interest in Merck’s products via a survey. 

Manulife Motion Game (MMG): An Omni-channel & Interactive Experience

(Manulife Motion Game, developed by Trinax) 

How about an omni-channel game that seamlessly integrates both physical and digital platforms to offer users an immersive experience like no other? Trinax worked with Manulife to build Singapore’s first physi-digital runner challenge in the form of an interactive obstacle course that combines technology and physicality. With 3D cameras to track the full body movements of players, players were challenged to overcome obstacles in the digital environment by running, dodging or jumping for as long as they could. Players also had the chance to compete with others through a real-time, online leaderboard which keeps track of their performances. Through their active participation in Manulife’s Motion Game, users learnt about the benefits of everyday movements and exercises by trying it out for themselves. 

Staying Connected with Customers

In a socially distanced world, staying connected with your customers has never been more important. Brands with a solid understanding of the changing needs of their consumers will use this pandemic to build and strengthen their ties with them. Using immersive digital experiences, businesses can continue to engage their customers even from the comfort of their homes. At Trinax, we specialise in developing interactive digital experiences built on an omni-channel framework to meet the needs of your business. Feel free to reach out to us for a collaboration to elevate your customer experience today.

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