Launched in 2023

An internal knowledge-based virtual platform that allows different teams of DBS to learn more about technology risk, through a series of interactive activities and games.

What is the Experience?

The experience starts through a private microsite link, where users will be transported to a virtual metaverse-like knowledge hub.

On the platform, users will be able to navigate around to find useful information about trending technologies that can help them to manage risk. These include insightful articles, FAQs and projects that can be updated in real time by DBS’s admin team.

Aside from this, users will be able to engage in interactive games that allows them to gain badges and avatar items.

Cross the River
A simple yet useful Q&A styled game that aims to educate users on how to deal with phishing emails and more. The objective is to navigate across the river with each correct answer. At the end of the game, users will be rewarded with points that they can use to redeem avatar items.

Sort your Mail
Test your attention to detail by sorting out your emails. In this game, users will have to review different types of emails and sort them out correctly into different folders. Similarly, they will be awarded points at the end of the game.

Match the Cards
A classic for all ages, this game combines the nostalgic memory card game with information about different types of technology risks. Users will be required to memorise cards with technology risks within 2 seconds and attempt to match them after. Points will be awarded after completion.

Guess the Words
A spin on the ever-popular word game everybody is familiar with. Users are required to answer different technology risk related questions. With each wrong answer, a letter will appear on the grid to help users with the answer.

What is the Objective?

To engage and pass on knowledge about technology risk within the internal DBS team, through a series of gamified and interactive activities aesthetically housed on a virtual hub.

How Does It Work?

An interactive knowledge hub that is housed on a virtual platform. This platform uses a customized content management system (CMS) that allows DBS team members the ability to push important information in real time. This can be in the form of articles, FAQs, policies and more.

Users will be able to access the virtual platform through a private microsite where they are required to sign up for an account. Thereafter, users are brought onto a virtual world where they can find more information about technology related risks. 

In total, four different games have been created with DBS’s purpose in mind – to educate and spread awareness about technology risks. The use of gamification brings upon a lighter approach whilst dealing with the seriousness of technology risks.

Another interactive element was also included where users are able to collect points from their participation in games. Users will be able to track their progress through the achievement page and use their points to redeem items to dress their avatar.

All in all, this is a holistic virtual experience that seeks to help DBS attract their internal teams to gain more awareness and learn more about technology related risks out there.

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