Polling Station


Launched in 2019

Visitors will pick their favourite cosmetic products through digital platforms, uncovering their inner personality in the process. Do they pursue lipstick that turns heads, or beauty that is timeless?

What is the Experience?

Contrary to traditional voting systems, customers will vote by visiting an interactive kiosk with a touchscreen attached. They will be presented with 2 of Shisedo’s beauty merchandise and will tap the screen to pick either. What they choose reflects their attitude towards makeup, leading to a short description of their perceived personality.

The poll will also showcase the vote tally, allowing users to check if they are part of a majority or a rare gem!

What is the Objective?

To employ an integrated digital solution into the beauty industry, showcasing the company’s involvement in technological progress.

How Does It Work?

The idle screen shows a brand video with elegant visuals to entice consumers into engaging with the kiosk. 2 of Shiseido’s acclaimed cosmetics will generate side by side and users are invited to choose one by tapping the screen. 2 pie charts are then displayed over each item, showing the percentage of votes they received between them.

A paragraph elaborating on what it means to select a certain product and a contact form comes after voting, where users may input their personal details to participate in a lucky draw.

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