360° LED Display

Great Eastern

Launched in 2019

A stunning circular display of massive size captivates visitors of The Great Discovery – Great Eastern’s latest endeavour into interactive marketing.

What is the Experience?

The Circle of Discovery provides users a 360-degree visual experience as Great Eastern’s (GE) rich history is put on display. At every viewing angle, a momentous brand video showcases how GE has shaped Singapore as a society – specially curated to suit the dimensions of the unique touchpoint. 

State-of-the-art speakers facilitate a surround sound effect, making the audio heard only when visitors enter the structure. This creates a sense of immersion as they step into the majestic circle, observing GE’s evolution from the 1900s to what it is now. 

Discover how Great Eastern has influenced Singapore’s landscape in this technologically advanced creation, attracting the curiosity of countless on-lookers.

What is the Objective?

Regarded as GE’s magnum opus, the Circle of Discovery takes users on a sensory journey through the world of GE; Fascinating the eyes and ears as it envelopes them in a sea of vibrant sights and sounds to behold. 

How Does It Work?

Flexible LED panels are attached side-by-side to form an interconnected round display, enabling a seamless viewing experience from anywhere within the Circle of Discovery. Magnets serve to reinforce the structure by ensuring the LEDs are stuck in place, even after extensive periods of time.

4 directional speakers are located in the centre, covering each quadrant to emit an isolated sound environment – unheard by visitors outside the venue.

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