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Ministry of National Development

Launched in 2019

Singapore is plagued with Killer Litter: the careless act of causing objects to fall from high rise buildings, usually HDB flats, that could harm passers-by below. Ministry of National Development partnered with Trinax to raise awareness for the issue by developing an augmented reality motion game based around Killer Litter. It operates on a sizable LED screen for players to observe the responsive mechanics and smooth animations in the game – appropriately named: Watch Out.

What is the Experience?

An adorable young boy will be the controllable character and moves in accordance to the user. When the player shifts left, the young boy will steer left and vice versa. Players will be seen darting left and right as they attempt to avoid various objects descending upon them, similar to how citizens would react if they spot dangerous objects falling from above. The background is designed as the ground floor of a HDB flat, where most Killer Litter cases occur and to complement the overarching theme and objective of this project.

What is the Objective?

To generate awareness for Killer Litter through an interactive motion game, coupled with appealing artwork and thematic gameplay to form an aesthetically pleasing and educational activity. 

How Does It Work?

Utilising motion sensing cameras, players will take control of the young boy on-screen through their own body movement. Moving left will cause the boy to run in the corresponding direction, with an identical process occuring for the right. 

As the game progresses, an array of items commonly found in housing flats such as potted plants and shoes will start descending. Points will be given when the player successfully dodges the incoming objects; but if one of them lands on the boy, a heart will be deducted from the overall 3 hearts given to the user. 

Dodging objects consistently will fill up a bonus meter and once it is full, all items will transform into coins that give extra points when gathered. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.

Special power-ups will occasionally appear for players to collect. Umbrellas will shield the boy from a couple of hits, and health packs will refill the player’s loss hearts. 

The game is over once all hearts are loss. Their final score will be appraised and shown on a leaderboard if it’s above the top 10 players. 

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