Play2Win Smart Redemption Machine


Launched in 2022

A fun-oriented membership loyalty campaign with Play2Win concept. This smart vending machine rewards new/existing members with a mystery gift for completing the game challenge.

What is the Experience?

Shoppers who drop by Sephora at ION and Bugis+ will notice the iconic strips themed machine. Sephora members can scan their Sephora ID and start the mini game challenge. Non-members are required to follow the on screen instruction to download the Sephora app and register an account before they could start the mini game challenge.

Upon completing the challenge, 9 mystery gift boxes will appear on the screen for the player to choose. The mystery gift will then automatically be dispensed from the smart vending machine for collection.

What is the Objective?
The smart vending machine utilises Play2Win concept to boost the Sephora app adoption rate, membership sign up and to increase customer loyalty with a rewarding mini game challenge.
How Does It Work?

To drive Sephora app adoption and membership sign ups, the marketing game required the players to have the Sephora app installed. Trinax’s smart vending machine has a scanner for the users to scan their membership barcodes to unlock the customised mini game.

For the convenience of users that do not have the app, a separate QR code is also placed on the machine to redirect the users to download the Sephora app in respective app stores, effectively shortening the signup journey for new members.

Players who achieved the minimum points required in the game will get to choose a mystery gift and retrieve it at the dispenser. To prevent abuse, each member is only limited to a gift each day, attempting to play again on the same day will receive a pop-up message upon scanning the membership barcodes.

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