Cle de Peau

China, Haitang Bay
Launched in 2022

Start your radiance journey with Cle de Peau with a curated series of gamified and immersive activities at their experiential retail store in China, Haitang Bay.

What is the Experience?

Step into the world of luxury beauty and cosmetic at Cle de Peau’s new Experiential Retail store.

Located in Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex, travelers and shoppers begins their experiential journey by checking-in through a QR code. Thereafter, a series of immersive activities awaits them, starting with Radiance Accelerator.

Radiance Accelerator is a kinetic installation that allows customers to engage in a motion-sensor game whilst going through three stages of the brand’s concept of Awaken, Nurture and Boost. Each stage duration is 15 seconds and users will have to wave on as many black-out beams as possible.

Users will then head towards the next station, where a giant Cle de Peau The Serum comes to life via the use of Augmented Reality technology. Curated and designed by Media Monks, users can utilise their mobile devices camera function to watch Cle de Peau’s The Serum product come to life through interactive animations. Users can also find out more information about various products at the Product Discovery station.

To top the experience off, users will head to the Radiance Gift Collection station. This elegant machine is carefully designed through Trinax’s smart sampling platform, a unique solution created to enable the brand the ability to create different digital activations on this same sampling machine platform. The dispensing drawer has also been specially designed at waist height so users will be able to collect their gift easily.

What is the Objective?

To showcase Cle de Peau’s radiance care products through an interactive and informative retail experience.

How Does It Work?

The experience begins through the scanning of a QR code. Upon checking in, a welcome message will appear to invite users to start their #Acceleratefirst journey, detailing the different activity points and prizes to be won.

Radiance Accelerator
A kinetic game installation where users will go through 3 different stages – Awaken, Nurture and Boost. There are 3 stages to represent 3 steps to radiant skin, and the challenge is for users to wave on as many blackout beams at 3 different speeds. Upon completion, participants will be represented with a QR code to scan and record their participation.

Giant AR Le Serum
Utilising user’s mobile devices, this station brings the popular Le Serum product to life using Augmented Reality. Users will be prompted to use their camera function to scan the physical product. Upon scanning, the AR markers will be picked up by the camera and animations will be activated.

Radiance Gift Smart Sampling Platform
Designed and built by Trinax, this elegant redemption machine runs on a smart sampling platform that enables the brand the ability to create different digital activations on this same sampling machine platform. This last station allows users to redeem their free gift after completing the other stations.

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