The Experience Economy for Retail

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The term experience economy came from Coauthors and economists B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore in a 1998 article about how consumers prefer experiences over products.

  • Starbucks is a prominent early adopter of the experience economy concept, with all its outlets featuring a uniform yet comforting design and high standard of service to provide a cohesive customer experience to enjoy their time at the cafe – whether it is for work or leisure.
  • Hai Di Lao (HDL) is a notable example of the experience economy in practice. The customer experience at HDL begins with exceptional service standards the moment when patrons enter their premises and this extends until they leave.


What To Expect In 2023 and Beyond

Since inception, Trinax represents the power of interactive and immersive experiences where we transform the audience into explorers, paving the way for new adventures. Combining our passion for innovation and desire for excellence, our mission is to revolutionise experiences in impactful ways and empower brands to embark on an exciting journey into the future era of experiences.

In 2023 and beyond, Trinax expects the demand for interactive experiences in retail to grow steadily as the COVID years have accelerated digital transformation for the global population at large. Moving forward, the global audience will be expecting more exciting concepts that will weave into their lifestyles seamlessly.

trinax_experiential_economoy_insight_jan2023 trinax_experiential_economoy_insight_jan2023 trinax_experiential_economoy_insight_jan2023

Proven Interactive Case Studies

Below are some case studies of interactive engagements for retailers to better engage the consumers. Having said that, we urge you to reach out to us to develop even more ambitious concepts and ideas. The possibilities are limitless!

trinax-interactive-portfolio-estee-lauder-ai-sampling-machine Estee Lauder Supercharged Sampling Machine

This Smart Sampling Machine in Estée Lauder’s #1 Supercharged ANRcade Event uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and gamification to elevate the retail experience and assist the shoppers decides the most personalised and suitable foundation.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-bobbi-brown-leadgen-game-machine Bobbi Brown Interactive Game Booth

A sleek-looking booth with interactive features such as lighting attracts shoppers to interact with the game at Bobbi Brown @ ION Orchard and Tampines Mall. Shoppers will learn about Bobbi Brown best-selling products via this interactive edutainment journey.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-cle-de-peau-experiential-retail Cle De Peau Experiential Retail

Located in Sanya International Duty-Free Shopping Complex, travellers and shoppers begin their #Acceleratefirst experiential journey by checking in through a QR code. A series of immersive activities awaits them, starting with Radiance Accelerator.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-glenmorangie-sugnet-cafe-interactive-microsite Glenmorangie Signet Cafe Interactive Microsite

Travellers can purchase the exclusive travel retail special — Signet Ristretto in the Korean duty-free store. Travellers start the online experience through the QR code located on the product packaging. The microsite is an array of interactive activities for the users to know more about Signet Ristretto – a spiralling mocha flavour of the original Signet.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-hennessy-taiwan-experiential-retail Hennessy Taiwan Experiential Retail

Hennessy Taiwan celebrate the advent of a new line of products through the exquisite visual design, intriguing mechanisms and augmented reality technology in this pop-up store experience.

The dynamic table and augmented reality (AR) projection wall combination create an experiential adventure filled with unique contraption and modern technology.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-guerlain-paris-abeille-royale-ar-experience Guerlain Paris Abeille Royale AR Experience

Given the rise of the experience economy and the growing importance of retailtainment, Guerlain wanted to create a gamified experience using Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology that would excite customers like never before.

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trinax-interactive-portfolio-osim-vr-experiential-retail OSIM VR Experience

Sit back and relax while you experience a surreal audio-visual experience whilst enjoying your massage on OSIM new uDream Pro 5 massage chair. This immersive project utilised a specially programmed VR application to elevate the traditional massage chair experience.

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